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            Because the two chiefs of Grand Illusions are extremely playful and will use any excuse to celebrate, festivals and parties are held quite frequently.  Most true celebrations whose purpose can clearly be defined are from other holts that bordered sacredness to certain elves.  Elaborate celebrations are given for Recognitions and the birth of cubs, for both events are truly rare.  Large celebrations are held at the end of the Storm Season (winter) when the floodwaters subside, allowing young plants to grow and returning wild game to enter the area.  There is a lot of howling, eating, drinking, dancing, and joining.  Again, it is not required for anyone to attend; it is strictly the individual's choice.  

            Minor celebrations come in the form of twin full moons.  This is when the wolf-blooded elves hunt, wreak havoc, and howl until they lose their voices.  Another, called DANCING, was started by ice elves that required the celebration prior to and just after a major battle.  This celebration involves great amounts of food, wine, and willing partners.  The idea is to celebrate life: eat until you're stuffed, drink until you're drunk, and join until you're exhausted.

            These celebrations are considered minor because not all elves partake in them, though no one has expressed distaste for either festival.  Elves who do not directly involve themselves during these will find a way to be a minor part without interfering.  For example, if your character does not wish to join casually during DANCING, then she\he can sing, dance, play a musical instrument, go hunting\scouting, provide food\drink, etc.  Those not wolf blooded during the full moons can tag along anyway...they just have to give the wolves the right of way.  Again, it is up to you whether you wish your character(s) to partake in any festivals or celebrations.