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            Life in the Holt is relatively easy, unless your character has an aversion to differences.  Remember, the Holt is essentially a large group of wandering elves from different origins that decided to give themselves a name and make a holt.  Since there are so many differences, a set pattern and standard of lifestyle is virtually non-existent.  Since the forming of Grand Illusions, many traditions from other holts have been incorporated and become quasi-permanent customs.  Attending or participating in these is not required; as with the rest of the Holt lifestyle, it is strictly up to the individual elf whether or not to be involved.

            The only set way of life is the wandering and temporary settling, which accounts for the lack of treehomes, huts, etc.  When the Holt decides to take a break from their travels, essentially what is done and how one sleeps is up to the individual.  Generally, the elves remain within sending distance from each other, but again, this is not required.  When the majority of the elves are well rested and ready to resume wandering and current events permit, the Holt packs up and begins traveling.  There is no specific time limit as to how long we journey or how long we rest.  Traveling is generally done at night, as most of the elves of Grand Illusions are nocturnal.

            While wandering, many of the elves break off into smaller groups and follow each other at comfortable distances (again, usually within sending distance).  Often, these smaller groups may journey farther in a direction than the rest of the Holt, some may break off for long periods of time to experience their own adventures.  When this occurs, someone within the Holt is informed, so no one will be concerned when they are missing.  Again, there are no specifics or requirements when traveling or breaking away from the Holt.  Returning to the Holt is simple - just show up.  

Due to the inhabitants of Grand Illusions being wanderers from different origins, there are a wide variety of animals as bond beasts, rides, and\or animal friends.  The majority are wolves, however, there are a number of leopards, cougars, lions, cheetahs, horses, birds, dingos, meercats, rodents of all sorts, bats, snakes, monkeys, etc.  Animals need to be restrained or identified as being attached to an elf if it has a temper or looks delicious to the various carnivores of the Holt. This is courtesy, not a requirement.  It prevents possible conflicts if the wolf and tiger get into a fight, or the meercat gobbles someone's snake.   If in doubt regarding acceptable animals, please contact me. 

           Occasionally there will be clashes among the elves, since there are so many different personalities (and Harvesttoad).  When this occurs, the Holt generally allows those involved to work out their problems.  If the fight gets out of control or sucks in too many other members, Amberfox and Desertmoon may be called in.  Most of the time, the combatants are escorted out of the Holt proper to get their problems settled by any means before they return to the Holt.  It has been rare that the squabbles have gone this far, but it has happened.  Those that return have gotten it out of their systems and are ready to join the group again.

            If the situation arises where there has been a death as a result of the external fight and someone in the Holt is angered, they are again led from the Holt to settle the problem.  Most Holt members will intervene in both situations to prevent such drastic measures, but it has been known to happen in the past.

            Do not feel intimidated, however.  While few elves have clashed, it has provided the rest of us with interesting stories, art, and interaction.  Be warned...Starshadow hates and may attack your glider character, Harvestgold (aka. Harvesttoad) loves females and may attempt to seduce you (attempt being the key word here).

            There is no definite way of dealing with deceased elves.  Those that had direct and constant interaction with the deceased usually are the ones who decide on how to handle the body.  If no one steps forward for this task, whoever arrived first on the scene may decide.  Options for dealing with the dead are leaving the body to the elements, funeral pyre, burning funeral pyre, burning funeral pyre on water, burial, preserver wrapping, and leaving the body specifically for the various carrion eaters.  There are various ceremonies afterwards, but again, that depends on those that knew the elf as to how to remember and\or celebrate them.