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            The Holt was founded by two wandering soul brothers who were given "permission to leave" their original holt.  During their wandering, they stumbled across other elves that were also wandering.  Slowly but surely, as the population grew, it was time to decide on leadership, goal, and possible destination.  It was also decided to become a holt and a name was given: Holt of Grand Illusions.  Since being the founders of the group, it was unanimously decided that Amberfox and Desertmoon should serve as dual chiefs.  It was then decided that because of the desire to wander and explore, as well as leave the area of original holts, they would continue to wander until the majority felt otherwise.  When this occurs, the group settles in an area until the majority is ready to pack up and begin wandering again.  Traveling so far has been southwest.  


            The leadership of Grand Illusions is equally divided between the founders, Amberfox and Desertmoon.  Since no one elf suitably met the qualifications of leader, it was agreed upon that the combination of the good qualities of the soul brothers could.  Amberfox is more of a "doer" and often devises clever schemes while Desertmoon is more of a thinker who can develop long-term solutions to a problem.  Desertmoon is also a little more practical and controlled when it comes to jokes and pranks, while Amberfox is constantly at play.  The leadership is, however, rather casual and only assumed when options are low and major decisions need to be made.


            The climate of Grand Illusions will vary as the Holt wanders.  At this point, and for some time to follow, the climate is hot and humid pretty much all turn.  So far, natives of the area have not experienced winter; they have only experienced weather of the hot and very wet and rainy, almost tropical variety.  This does not mean that no one has experienced cold weather.  You may have an elf from the frozen tundra, but the area the Holt is in is hot and humid.   

           The environment we currently are in is that of a jungle.  Think thick vegetation and a wide variety of animals.  There are many types of trees and shrubs that can readily be made into temporary, but sturdy shelters or hiding places.  There is also an abundance of fruits, berries, vegetables, and wild game to satisfy a dozen holts.  

         Because of the dense jungle and heavy rains, the ground is always moist (except in dead summer) and fresh water can be readily found.  It is quite common to run across swift flowing waterfalls that empty into large, cool pools.