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            Discounts are considered for members who submit and contribute to the newsletter.  Generally if a member has been active one year, I do not charge for the following year.  If the member continues to contribute, they continue to receive free membership.  If membership fees are difficult to meet the first year, I am willing to work out something that suits both of us.  Again, if you can keep active, membership is cheap, even free.

            If you are normally active but fall behind in submissions, let me know and I can make arrangements that will help out.  Perhaps when you can start to submit more actively, you can make up for previous lack of contributions by doing a few more pieces per issue.  Whatever works best for us both, just please keep me informed.  There are no set guidelines, but I do request members remain active.  It's difficult to print a newsletter without submissions.  

           Due to an overwhelming majority of requests, soul names will be kept secret unless otherwise noted.  If you wish to keep your character's soul name unrevealed, place that on the CIS with the soul name written in pencil (or pen, it's your choice) off to the side.  When the CIS is printed for final copy, I will print "not revealed", but keep the soul name listed in my records for my reference only.  This way I can prevent incoming members from accidentally using the same soul name.  It will be up to you to let another member know your character's soul name, either due to Recognition or becoming soul siblings.

            Grand Illusions has an open door policy on how to handle elves.  Many people in the fandom "adopt" their characters and keep them as separate identities, often referring to their characters as housemates or general pests in their lives.  Many people prefer to be known as their character, the idea being that their character is an extension of themselves.  Both policies are welcome, but to avoid confusion and confrontations, please let me know which policy you prefer.  For those preferring the later of the two, they wish to be addressed as their character.  Trust me, their letters will reach them.  This is the reason for some of the members in the membership list having elf names listed rather than a human name.  For those with postal trolls or prefer to be addressed by their human name, the membership list will reflect this.

            At this point, Grand Illusions is still working on the first "MAJOR SCENARIO."  Major scenarios are stories with a major plot that involves as many of the Holt's characters as possible.  A scene will be determined and sent out to those involved, members respond to it, and scene two will be written up based on the responses.  This will carry on until the story is complete.  The final product will be pieced together, edited, and printed using the many various artists available.  It is similar to a role playing game through the mail.

            Holt of Grand Illusions has a large character profile guide, which is comprised of a two page write-up of each member's characters and a full page illustration.  The guide is available to all members, although since some members do not wish to receive the guide, it is available upon request.  Those receiving it are responsible for keeping up with it, as it is difficult for me to remember who has what.  Every so often I will print a list of what one should\should not have in their guide, and it is up to you to inform me if you're missing anything.  If this is the case, I will mail you the missing material as soon as I can.