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      Holt of Grand Illusions was spawned in late 1986 with the first issue of our newsletter printed in late 1987.  It was decided to make a holt that wandered, rather than remained stationary, allowing members to create a wider variety of elves, stories and art.  Restrictions and rules are few, and when in doubt, just write to your fearless but confused holt leader and we can work something out.

            The Holt is an offline holt with printed newsletters, membership guide, and character profile guide.  We will continue as an offline holt, but most of the members have email and can readily be contacted that way.

            Membership in Holt of Grand Illusions includes five issues of the newsletter PIECES OF EIGHT, membership guide (what you are looking at right now), and upon request, the character profile guide.  Membership fee is $10.00 for the first year for subscribers, $6.00 there after.  For contributing members, $5.00 for the first year, and if submissions are regularly sent in, membership fee will be waived for the following year.  Membership fees will continue to be waived providing contributions continue to be sent.  Holt of Grand Illusions is a not for profit Elfquest fan club and all fees will be used towards the making of the newsletters.   Holt membership exchange with other holt leaders will be considered in lieu of membership fee.  Contributing status involves submitting art or written material.  For further information on this, please refer to the section Other Policies.

            Members in Grand Illusions are permitted to submit as many characters as they can comfortably keep active, whether that is one or over a dozen.  If you wish your character to have family and\or friends, there is no need to create non-persona characters for this purpose.  I will be happy to locate active members who are willing to establish relationships.  I am accepting characters from folded holts and refugees from holts that, for whatever reason, did not work out for you.  Holt of Grand Illusions is, after all, a holt of wanderers.  

    The timeframe that the Holt of Grand Illusions is in is around the same time that the original ELFQUEST (copyright 2001 by WaRP graphics) took place.   

            Any further information or details is included in the membership guide links below.  Please do not hesitate to inquire about them.  That's what I'm here for!  

Hot summer nights and sweet honeysuckle,   Amberfox

Membership Guide Links

History, Leadership and Climate
Life in the Holt
Customs and Rituals
Writer's Guide
Artist Credits
Other Policies
Create a Character