NAME: WindDreamer

RACE: elf

GENDER: female


SOUL NAME: not revealed

KNOWN BY: herself, Teranin (Recognized lifemate)

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): Teranin (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S): Heartmender (son)

AGE: unknown

HEIGHT: over 5'

HAIR: white with silver/blue glistening through it, ankle length and some parts drag the ground, two small braids in left side, topknot of vines (was a chieftess at one time)

EYES: fire opal, large, slanted

SKIN TONE: very fair

BODY TYPE: slender


CLOTHING: deep green halter, very pale blue green and very tattered dress-like outfit that hangs from one shoulder and is cut in front from the shoulder to the opposite hip (looks like it's seen many, many washings), just a glimpse of dark green shorts underneath the dress that are too short, fawn leather ballerina-like slippers

JEWELRY: elaborate silver filigree forearm guards with small feathers, ankleband with small feathers, and calfband with small feathers, dangling blue feather earrings

WEAPONS: dagger in jewelry at calf disguised in the feathers, broadsword hanging loose but secured with loops on back of dress and around one shoulder (ties it down if she has to do a lot of running, otherwise she doesn't seem to notice it), two small throwing daggers coated with a fast acting poison hidden in her topknot


ABILITIES: sending, animal bonding, very strong magic feeling, hovering (doesn't know if this is gliding because she has never seen a real glider before; does this without thought or trying, so it must be magic), sometimes hears voices form the dead

SKILLS: hunting, herbal healing, makes poisons from plants

FAMILY: Teranin (Recognized lifemate), Heartmender (son), Fox (nephew), Rowan (nephew)

ORIGIN: doesn't matter; the holt is disbanded

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: She is very tall for a wolf blooded elf but seems extremely light on her feet. She travels by running mostly. Her wolf is small and light, it seems to be young. WindDreamer has an uncanny ability to almost float above the ground. She is not a glider or levitator as they are known, but she almost combines the two abilities in their use without even realizing it. This ability makes her seem almost ghost-like at night. Her coloring and the ability to hover above the ground as she moves makes humans think she is a ghost and she loves to use this ability to scare them enough to kill without too much difficulty. The lightness of her moves gives her the ability to move very quickly, smoothly, and daintily. She seems almost too delicate to be of any danger to anyone. She leaves the impression of being shy, quiet, patient, almost weak in elfin terms. WindDreamer will kill humans with no thought at all. She kills because she has to. There is a deep seated drive to rid the whole planet of their scum existence. Trolls from her area traded with her holt so she learned about them and where they are vulnerable. She has a troll friend named Batbrow. Her troll friend pops up sometimes in very unlikely places and loves to scare her so he can see her jump really high. Batbrow saved WindDreamer's life when she was very young and seems to have adopted her like a pet. Preservers love her hair and they think she is a High One because she is tall, thin, and has pale hair. WindDreamer has been without her tribe for many moons and misses it a lot, but will not look for them anymore. The tribe was destroyed before her eyes but she does not want to accept it. Humans captured her and made her watch as they did their dirty work. When she escaped, she killed all the humans she could find. She is still driven to kill humans on sight. She doesn't think, reason, or plan on how to kill them, she just rushes in. Sometimes, she needs a keeper in order to stay alive. Her wolf has come to her rescue more than once. WindDreamer doesn't talk very much since her tribe was destroyed. She can be seen looking out into the sky at dusk and dawn as if she can hear things in the wind. She looks like she is dreaming but she can only see the blood of her people. She is lonely and will not let anyone get close to her. She has joined Holt of Grand Illusions, but stays by herself most of the time. Her Recognition to Teranin and birth of her son Heartmender has helped relieve her sadness and loneliness.




TROLLS: has a male friend named Batbrow who will show up sometimes

PRESERVERS: pests that come in handy

OTHER ELVES: distant, but doesn't dislike

BOND BEAST: wolf NAME: Rabid GENDER: male COLOR: black