Yes, it's the updated timeline!  It still is probably by no means complete, seeing as how things will change with the introduction of new characters down the road, deaths of characters, Recognitions, etc. Well as of this moment, as I slave here in front of this evil computer, the timeline is up to date. Sit back and read... you'll enjoy reading it more than I had typing it!



HGI -333              MARTIGAN (M) born at Haven Mountain.

HGI 2                 Untae, a shape changer, wanders with a small, starving group of High Ones.
She assumes the shape of a wolf to learn the ways of survival. She mates with a true wolf.

HGI 4                 Three halfling cubs are born to Untae and a true wolf. The elves and the wolf pack merge to found the Forestdwellers.

HGI 50               Trails' End is founded in a desert haven, free of humans or any other threatening outside force.

HGI 88               Small holt of first comers and their children are attacked by humans and arealmost destroyed. Atasha, a young daughter of the first comers, leads the survivors to a jungle home. There she bonds and learns the ways of the great cat predators. She studies the making and the ways of weaponry, then teaches her people all she has learned.

HGI 96               Humans attack and Atasha leads her people in battle astride a huge black stripe (tiger). Victorious, they claim the land theirs and Atasha is given the title "tigress" to show chieftainship. Black Stripe Riders founded and so is their endless war with the humans.

HGI 629              Tigress Atasha Recognizes.

HGI 631              Tigershard (M) born to Tigress Atasha

HGI 931              Tigress Atasha is captured and killed by humans. Tigershard becomes chief and he leads the Black Stripe Riders into a major war in retaliation.

HGI 950               Tigershard Recognizes.

HGI 952               Tigertail (M) born to Tigershard.

HGI 1026              Wanderer Snowshard stumbles across a small family consisting of a Recognized couple, who were High Ones, and their daughter, Windsinger.  Snowshard recognizes Windsinger and decides to stay.  

HGI 1028              NIGHTSHADE (F-then called Crystalsinger) born to Windsinger and Snowshard.

HGI 1121              Humans temporarily end war with the Black Stripe Riders by burning their holt down. Half of the Black Stripe Riders are killed, including Tigershard and his lifemate. Tigertail becomes chief and he leads the Black Stripe Riders out of the jungle.

HGI 1122              Tigertail settles the B.S.R. in a cold area, many more elves die and almost all of the surviving black stripes. Tigertail tries to change the warrior lifestyle to a peaceful one, focusing on art and sciences. Resentment flares.

HGI 1123              Tigertail Recognizes.

HGI 1125              Tigress Prettysong (F) born to Tigertail.

HGI 1136              A small group of humans find and attack the already weakened BSR. Few more elves die, including Tigertail. Tigress Prettysong becomes chieftess.

HGI 1137              Tigress Prettysong leads the remaining BSR back to the jungle. She brings more black stripes (tigers) into the depleted pride and sets the BSR to building an easily defendable holt. She returns the way of life back to war and hunting.

HGI 1140              Humans find BSR and attack. Tigress Prettysong leads the holt to victory.  She is renamed by her people to Tigress Valourkeeper.

HGI 1170              Three human villages now in the vicinity of the BSR holt. Tigress Valour- keeper and the BSR drive them back, slaughtering their numbers.

HGI 1196              Tigress Valourkeeper Recognizes.

HGI 1198              Tigress Bloodsword (F) born to Tigress Valourkeeper

HGI 1225              Tigress Valourkeeper and Tigress Bloodsword share chieftainship. Black Stripe Riders and the pride prosper and their numbers increase greatly. The humans stake out their boundaries and try to avoid the BSR holt altogether.

HGI 1527              Tigress Bloodsword Recognizes.

HGI 1529              Tigerheart (M) born to Tigress Bloodsword.

HGI 1776              RYO (M) born to Wichada (F) and Ahanu (M).

HGI 2225              Humans' numbers extreme and with the incoming of three new tribes, they become bold.

HGI 2226              War breaks out between the Black Stripe Riders and the humans.

HGI 2397              TALIESIN (M) born at Trail's End.

HGI 2406              NIGHTSHADE leaves family to go hunting for crystals and when she returns, she finds everyone dead. She then dedicates herself to the absolute destruction of the humans responsible.  

HGI 3000              Tigress Valourkeeper and Tigress Bloodsword are killed along with a few others. Tigerheart becomes chief and the BSR totally annihilate two of the human tribes, deplete the numbers of the remaining four, and then drive the surviving humans out of the forest.

HGI 3001              Tigerheart Recognizes.

HGI 3003              Tigress Warsiege (F) born to Tigerheart.

HGI 3529              Tigerheart killed in a trap set by humans. Tigress Warsiege kills human tribe responsible. She becomes chieftess and Recognizes.

HGI 3531              Tigress Bladetwister (F) born to Tigress Warsiege.

HGI 3600              Tigress Warsiege discovers small warren of trolls and a very uneasy trade begins.

HGI 3681              Trolls try to cheat Tigress Warsiege. She kills their king and enslaves the remaining trolls. Metal finding and forging is taught to the BSR.                                       

 HGI 3831              Tigress Warsiege is killed in troll rebellion. Tigress Bladetwister becomes chieftess, orders the remaining trolls killed, the warrens destroyed, and forbids any mention of them.

HGI 3915               KIE (F) born.

HGI 3968              Tigress Bladetwister Recognizes.

HGI 3970              Tigerclaw (M) born to Tigress Bladetwister.

HGI 4000              Small group of elves discover the Black Stripe Riders. Disagreements break out on how to handle the humans. Banfil, the leader of the newcomers, challenges Tigress Bladetwister. He loses and takes his small group to settle near the humans' camps.

HGI 4019              With the aide of Banfil and his elves, the humans attack the Black Stripe Riders. Several are killed, including Tigress Bladetwister, those remaining are enslaved.

HGI 4027              Tigerclaw leads a rebellion with the aide of the BSR. They are able to escape but they do not leave the jungle.

HGI 4028              Tigerclaw and the BSR attack the newcomer elves. Upon learning that Banfil was responsible for his mother's death, Tigerclaw spares him his life, only to torture and humiliate him. Tigerclaw has all of the others killed.

HGI 4032              Tigerclaw drives the humans out of the jungle. While returning, he discovers other species of great predator cats and he introduces them into the holt.  Outside of minor battles with wandering human nomads, relative peace reigns and the BSR numbers rise.  

HGI 4048              STORM'S FURY (M), formerly Sardeg, born to Berdah and Aytar at City of the Sun.

HGI 4365             Tigerclaw Recognizes.

HGI 4367             Tigerflame (M) born to Tigerclaw.

HGI 4604            ICEFURY (F) born at Forestdwellers Holt

HGI 4627             Tigress Victorythorn (F) born to Tigerclaw...surprising everyone.

HGI 4649             Tigerflame and Tigress Victorythorn exchange soul names.

HGI 4702              Large wandering pure blooded group of elves stumble across the Forest-  dwellers, and decide to stay. Life in the holt changes drastically- a governing Council is established and an elf's function in the holt is decided upon, forming split groups. With time, deaths, and recognitions, the wolf blood and way of life is minimalized.

HGI 5681            SNOWSONG (M) born to wandering parents.

HGI 5981            STORM'S FURY (SARDEG) is framed for the attempted murder of his lovemate. Thinking she is dead, he flees, so he won't be handed to the trolls as a slave. He vows never to use his true name again.

HGI 6257             DEMONWOLF (M) is born.

HGI 6388            CAYLAH (F) born to Rysstah and Asmal at Canyon Cliff.

HGI 6737             Tigerclaw dies in accidental discovery of strangleweed.  Tigerflame and Tigress Victorythorn share chieftainship. Holt continues to prosper.

HGI 6792              Saeba (F) Recognizes RYO (M).

HGI 6794              AMUROREI (M) born to Saeba and RYO.

HGI 6826              Tigerflame Recognizes.

HGI 6828              Tigress Darkquest (F) is born to Tigerflame.

HGI 6830              Human tribe moves in and Tigerflame is captured and killed. Tigress Victorythorn goes into a frenzy at the loss of her soul brother. She alone sets out to kill the humans responsible, as well as any human she might encounter in the jungle.

HGI 6832              Tigress Victorythorn is found severely wounded and is herbal healed. Once the long process is completed, she adopts Tigress Darkquest.  

HGI 6951              Nightwind (M) is born.

HGI 7000              A huge tribe of humans arrives in the area but split into two groups. One tribe hates and decides to rage war with the cat demons, the other wishes to avoid them so they settle on the jungles' edge.

HGI 7001              War with the humans begins.

HGI 7014              Tigress Victorythorn discovers her plant shaping ability and uses it to set up a barrier of strangleweed around both human tribes. Tigress Darkquest leads the BSR in killing any humans that were outside of the barriers in the process.

HGI 7063              Humans set a large fire to kill the strangleweed barrier out of desperation and starvation. The flames spread. Tigress Victorythorn stops the wild fires but is killed in the process. Tigress Darkquest becomes chieftess.

HGI 7152              Humans gain control of the territory with the addition of three new human tribes. Humans everywhere and not very good to eat. Tigress Darkquest Recognizes

HGI 7153              Tigress Darkquest slowly works the Black Stripe Riders' holt into the humans' territory and reclaims it.

HGI 7154              Tigerbow (M) born to Tigress Darkquest.

HGI 7159              Tigress Darkquest realizes the devastation done to the jungle because of the humans and pulls the Black Stripe Riders back, away from the humans. The humans take over everything and become wasteful and careless.

HGI 7170              A great famine plagues all races. Many elves, humans, and bond beasts die. Tigress Darkquest leads the BSR in attacks against the humans over remaining territory and game. The Great War begins.

HGI 7485            MISTY EYE (M) born in Forestdwellers Holt.

HGI 7581              Tigress Darkquest is able to capture some of the old territories and she is the first to allow magic users to explore and use whatever talents they may have to save the jungle. Under her guidance, their holt is once again able to sustain enough water and vegetation for the holt and some game.

HGI 7590              Tigress Darkquest is killed by humans over a small section of the holt's land. Tigerbow becomes chief. He invites the humans to a "Peace Council." He allows them to feast on salty foods and only offers them dreamberry wine to drink. All humans present die within an hour.

HGI 7591              Tigerbow temporarily ends war with the humans by driving them out and those who refuse to go are killed. Tigerbow recognizes on his return.

HGI 7592              Tigerbow takes remaining magic users and sets about reviving the remainder of the devastated jungle.

HGI 7593              Tigerbow's cub is stillborn. Overwrought with grief, he concentrates not only himself but everyone else in the holt to restoring the jungle.

HGI 7767              Raptureflight (F) is born

HGI 7787              Raptureflight and Nightwind lovemate.

HGI 7892            OWLFLIGHT (M) born in Dark Haven.

HGI 7947              With the jungle now replenished, Tigerbow returns the lifestyle of the holt to hunting and war.

HGI 7950              Humans return but are content not to be seen or heard by the evil cat demons.

HGI 8000              Tigerbow is revived from his grief when he discovers the humans. He now has something to play with again. War begins again.

HGI 8001             Whitestag (M) is born.

HGI 8006            BEARSTRONG (M) born in bear blooded holt.  

HGI 8010             More humans move in, totaling five tribes in all. They separate because of differences in opinion on what to do about the demons.       

HGI 8017              Tigress Blacksun (F) born to a thrilled Tigerbow.

HGI 8018              Tigerbow takes Tigress Blacksun into a siege on the humans, driving them back.

HGI 8020              Tigress Blacksun becomes a regular on human raids and slaughters.

HGI 8027              Tigress Blacksun becomes the first established War Chieftess.

HGI 8048              RUNELOCK (M) born.

HGI 8097              CORNERSTONE (M) born.

HGI 8124              Powderpuff (F) born.

HGI 8127              SERPENTONGUE (M) born in Black Stripe Riders.

HGI 8154              SHADOWFLAME (F) born.

HGI 8169              NIGHTCHANT (F) born.

HGI 8177              CRYSTALWOLF (M), CORNERSTONE'S brother, is born.

HGI 8184              STARSHADOW (M) born.

HGI 8210              TIMBERLAKE (F) born to wandering parents.

HGI 8223              Nightwind Recognizes.

HGI 8225              DESERTMOON (M) born to Nightwind.

HGI 8229              SILVERCREST (F) born.

HGI 8234            STORM'S FURY meets and Recognizes Ebonmist at an unnamed wolf holt.

HGI 8236            SILVERTOOTH (M, then known as Restless Feather) born to Ebonmist and STORM'S FURY.

HGI 8248            Lord Lightrain (M) born.

HGI 8250            BLACKSTAR (M) born.

HGI 8251            STORM'S FURY leaves wolf holt.

HGI 8260            DESERTMOON's mother is killed by humans.

HGI 8268            Raptureflight and Whitestag Recognize.  SHADOWMIST (M) born at Haven Mountain.

HGI 8269             SAHARA (F) born.

HGI 8270             AMBERFOX (M) born to Raptureflight and Whitestag.

HGI 8271             Whitestag is killed by humans.

HGI 8273            SILVERTOOTH (Restless Feather) leaves wolf holt.

HGI 8275              Raptureflight and Nightwind lovemate and move into one treehome together. DESERTMOON and AMBERFOX exchange soul names and become soul brothers.

HGI 8280             LONGSHOT (F) born. Raptureflight and Nightwind lifemate.

HGI 8293            Ebonmist killed by humans.

HGI 8330             WINTERHEART (M- formally Praxis) and his twin NEKO (F)  are born.

HGI 8341             NIGHTHAWK (M) born

HGI 8362             STARSHADOW and SERPENTONGUE exchange soul names.

HGI 8365             Quickflame (M) and Moonspinner (F) Recognize.

HGI 8367              MOONFLAME (M) born to Quickflame and Moonspinner in Forestdwellers.

HGI 8372              NIGHTSONG (F) born to Quickflame and Moonspinner in Forestdwellers.

HGI 8394              GLACIAL MOON (F) born.

HGI 8403              COOLBLADE (F) born.

HGI 8428             SPICECLOVE (F) born in Forestdwellers Holt.

HGI 8430              Tigerbow found dead. Tigress Blacksun leads the Black Stripe Riders in "the great human slaughter." Those surviving join together to form a single, very small tribe.

HGI 8438            JUNGLEWISE (F) born in Black Stripe Riders.

HGI 8441            WOODSPIRIT (F) born.

HGI 8453             NIGHTSAGE (F) born.

HGI 8456             LIGHT (M-formally called Crimsonsight) born to Fall and Bearfire.

HGI 8457            GHOSTSHADE (F) born to wandering parents.

HGI 8468            WEBWISH (F) born

HGI 8471             FROSTBORN (M) born.

HGI 8473            GRIMLOCK (M) born to Lifebringer and Rockslide in an isolated mountain wolf holt.  

HGI 8481             WILDFLAME (M) born.

HGI 8500            TIGERSUN (M) born to wandering parents.

HGI 8512            SUNFLIGHT (F) born in Forestdwellers Holt.

HGI 8519              RUNNER (M) born in a wooded area..

HGI 8520            IRONFIST (M) born to Lifebringer and Rockslide in same wolf holt.

HGI 8526            SPIDERSTING (F) born to Silkspinner and Websnare in Cavern Clans.

HGI 8532            GRIMLOCK, IRONFIST, and Rockslide taken captive by trolls, Lifebringer killed during capture.

HGI 8546              SPIDERSTING (F) born.

HGI 8567              WHITETALON (M) is found by MOONFEATHER (F) and he joins her wandering group of traders. Catsleape(F) and Nightstalker (M) Recognize.

HGI 8568            CRYSTALSTAR (F) born at Winterwind Holt.

HGI 8569              Human population is back up around the Black Stripe Rider's holt. GOSSAMER (F) is born in a small cat blooded holt to Catsleape and Nightstalker.

HGI 8570              SILVERANKH (F) born.

HGI 8572              Human nomads enter the area of the Black Stripe Riders and then splinter into groups. A peaceful society is established away from the others as well as four other tribes, spaced apart from each other.

HGI 8576            SIERRA (F) born to Tialar (F) and Garthon Redmane (M) in desert holt.

HGI 8596              FLAMESNAP (M) born in Forestdwellers Holt.

HGI 8597            THORN (F) born to desert dwelling parents.

HGI 8615              TUATHA (F) born.

HGI 8616            HERBGATHER (F), sister of SPICECLOVE, born in Forestdwellers Holt.

HGI 8627              SILVERCREST Recognizes STARSHADOW while killing the same human in a battle.

HGI 8629              SHADOWFROST (F) born to SILVERCREST and STARSHADOW.

HGI 8630              TUATHA'S family disappears while she is out exploring. She goes into wandering and learns self-sufficiency.

HGI 8653              RUFIA (F) born.

HGI 8663            CHIRPBIRD (F) born in same horse riding holt as Harvestgold

HGI 8665              Bluebell (M?) born.

HGI 8671              FOXRUN (F) born.

HGI 8675              KNIFESLICE (M) born. EIRIK (M) born.

HGI 8681              RAVENTHORN (F) born.

HGI 8687              NIGHTRAVEN (M) born.

HGI 8693              SUNDARK (F) born during a solar eclipse, which was thought to be a good omen at Sunset Holt.

HGI 8701            STORM'S FURY meets up with his son, SILVERTOOTH, and they travel together for a while. SILVERTOOTH receives the silver head ornament he now wears from his father. They part company.

HGI 8713            SILVERMIST (F) born in a far northern holt.

HGI 8715            WINDCHIME (F) born in same far northern holt as SILVERMIST

HGI 8717              SABLEWOLF (M), brother of RAVENTHORN, born.

HGI 8726              Vine (F) Recognizes Spiritfall (M) at Seawinds Holt.

HGI 8728              FEATHERFLIGHT (F) is born to Vine and Spiritfall.

HGI 8742            STALLION (M) born to Wind (F) Nighthorse (M) in a horse riding plains holt.

HGI 8743              TIERA (F) and her twin, TERANIN (M) are born. ASHWOLF (M) born to LONGSHOT and Firesand in desert holt.

HGI 8747            MYSTIC EYES (M) born to wandering parents.

HGI 8750            EVERCHANGE (F) born in Dark Haven Holt.

HGI 8763            LORELEII (F) born.

HGI 8770            SNOWCRYSTAL (F) and twin SUNEAGLE (M) born in Bright Mountain Holt. THUNDER MOON (M) born in horse riding desert holt.  

HGI 8771              WOLFLED (F) born to Fall and Bearfire.

HGI 8775              RAINCALLER (F) born.

HGI 8777              TRUESTAR (M) born.

HGI 8780              CLOUDSPINNER (M) born.

HGI 8782            BRIARBERRY (M) born.

HGI 8786              SERE (M) born.

HGI 8785              DREAMSEEKER (F) Recognizes ILLUSIONMASTER (M).


HGI 8789            Firefrost (F) and Topaz (M) Recognize.

HGI 8791            DEWDROP (F) born to Firefrost and Topaz.

HGI 8794            COYOTE (M) born to Meadow (F) and Wise Elk (M) in LIttlebear Tribe.

HGI 8797            STARLIGHT (F), sister of BRIARBERRY, born.

HGI 8799            PALU-KHI (F) born to WERKANTH (M) and unknown female.

HGI 8807            AUTUMN NIGHT (M), brother of COYOTE born to Meadow and Wise Elk in Littlebear Tribe.

HGI 8830            BLACKMINX (F) born. SPIDERSILK (M) born .

HGI 8840            ICEFURY leaves Forestdwellers on another wandering expedition.

HGI 8841            DEWDROP leaves her holt of origin out of boredom.

HGI 8844            SPIDERSTING'S clan is massacred by a combined force of humans and trolls. She is left for dead. The healers returned early to the caverns and saved SPIDERSTING's life. Her left eye, however, can't be saved.

HGI 8845            MOONFEATHER and her entourage stumble across Forestdweller's Holt. She Recognized Demonwolf and decides to stay a while. SPIDERSTING leaves Cavern Clans. Meanwhile, out in the frozen tundra, Powderpuff Recognizes Bluebell.

HGI 8847            SILVERBREEZE (F) born to MOONFEATHER and DEMONWOLF in Forestdwellers Holt. Harvestgold (M?) born to Powderpuff and Bluebell in Powderpuff's wandering horse riding tribe. GEM GEM (F) born at Forest-dwellers Holt. Late in the turn, MOONFEATHER decides to leave with her entourage. FIREWIND (M), brother of FLAMESNAP born in Forestdwellers Holt.

HGI 8849            TIGERSPARK (F) born to MOONFEATHER and DEMONWOLF (still in Forestdwllers Holt).

HGI 8850            Coroll (F) Recognizes Blackstorm (M).

HGI 8851            SILVERTOOTH acquires his silver tooth from a troll friend after loosening his natural one. He later earns his current name.

HGI 8852            ZOLLY born to Coroll and Blackstorm.

HGI 8853            ARROW (F) born in a plains holt

HGI 8854            FROSTFIRE (M) and CRYSTALSTAR join up.

HGI 8855            MOONDANCE (M) born.

HGI 8862            SILVERTOOTH winters over at Bright Mountain Holt and Recognizes Littlelark. He leaves in the spring.

HGI 8864            NIMBLEHAND (M) born to Littlelark at Bright Mountain Holt and SILVERTOOTH (wandering). Littlelark dies several days later.

HGI 8865            STRYKER (M) born in the frozen north.

HGI 8869            STORM'S FURY returns to the wolf holt, verifies Ebonmist is dead and learns that SILVERTOOTH has not returrned. He is not welcome, and he moves on. LONERIDER (M) born to wandering parents.

HGI 8870            FREESOUL (F) born. Thistle (F) Recognizes Bravebear (m).

HGI 8871            SPIDERSTING meets up with SILVERTOOTH. They travel together.

HGI 8872            SILENTHEART (M) born to Thistle and Bravebear.

HGI 8873            SPRINGBOW (M) born. RUNESONG finds FROSTFIRE and CRYSTALSTAR and attempts to kill her.

HGI 8875            FIERCECRY becomes separated from parents.

HGI 8876            RIOT (M) born.

HGI 8877            JUNGLEWISE's parents killed. She is injured and later captured by an insane healer. SILVERTOOTH and SPIDERSTING Recognize. Most vicious of the Black Stripe Riders' human tribes capture Black Stripe Riders. In retaliation and before they are killed, the Black Stripe Riders attack and burn the tribe to the ground. Outraged, the remaining four human tribes seige the BSR and burn IT down. The flames are uncontrolable and the survivors flee in all directions. WINDLYRIC (F) born in Forestdwellers Holt.

HGI 8879            DARKWEB (M) born to SPIDERSTING and SILVERTOOTH during their travels. CAYLAH goes flying on her bond bird and is swept up by a cyclone storm and dropped in an unknown area near a holt. Her injuries are healed. She decides to stay, not knowing the way home without her bondbird. She is named STORMFALL.

HGI 8880            MOONFEATHER decides to return to DEMONWOLF. STORM'S FURY arrives at CAYLAH's adopted holt to winter over, and stays a few turns.

HGI 8881            MARTIGAN decides to leave Haven Mountain.

HGI 8882            AMBERFOX is given permission to leave the Forestdwellers by good ole' Lightbrain...er, Lightrain {"Permission to Leave" POE#1}.

HGI 8884            DESERTMOON leaves Forestdwellers in search of his soul brother, AMBERFOX {"Desertmoon's Departure POE#1}.  MOONFEATHER leaves the Forestdwellers.

HGI 8885             DESERTMOON reunites with AMBERFOX. Holt of Grand Illusions is formed. CRYSTALWOLF leaves Forestdwellers Holt. POUNCE CAT (M) born to SPRINGFLOWER (F) and STALLION in a plains holt. THISTLELAKE (M) born to TWILIGHTASH (F) and TRUEMARK (M) in Wolfshadow Holt.

HGI 8886            MOONFEATHER comes across Forestdwellers again. SILENTHEART arrives at Holt of Grand Illusions with MOONFLAME and NIGHTSONG {"The Journey's Profit" POE#4}. CRYSTALWOLF finds Holt of Grand Illusions.

HGI 8887            STORM'S FURY leaves and CAYLAH goes with him. They Recognize. NIGHT SHADE, SHADOWFLAME, and GOSSAMER arrive at Grand Illusions {"Memories of Past and Present" POE #6}. Harvestgold rescued by AMBERFOX and becomes the Holt's abuse mascot {"A Golden Harvest?" POE#2}. TRUESTAR arrives at the Holt.

HGI 8888            TIGERSPARK talks SILVERBREEZE into leaving the Forestdwellers with her to look for her "beloved AMBERFOX". NIGHT SHADE attempts to seduce AMBERFOX, who manages to thwart her attentions. They admit, in not so many words, that it's all a fun game...well...almost. They become good friends {"Let the Games Begin!" TBD}. FEATHERFLIGHT leaves Seawinds Holt, bored with life there and yearning for adventure. While wandering, she finds and breaks  a horse just before arriving in the Holt {"A Wanderer's Life Is The Life for Me" POE#5}   

HGI 8889            MOONFEATHER leaves the Forestdwellers again. LITTLESTORM (F) born to CAYLAH and STORM'S FURY during their travels. SPIDERSTING, SILVERTOOTH, and DARKWEB arrive at Grand Illusions. RAINCALLER arrives at Grand Illusions with Harvestgold attempting to seduce her; but passes out at the sight of the friendly berry lizard {"Untitled" POE#13}.

HGI 8890            War of the Skies scenario {Untitled TBD}. MOONFEATHER, WHITETALON, SILVERANKH, and BLACKMINX join the Holt. GEM GEM and LONERIDER are killed. SILVERANKH Recognizes CORNERSTONE. BLACKMINX Recognizes WOLFLORE (M). ZOLLY arrives at Grand Illusions. NIGHT SHADE Recognizes Harvestgold {"Not Even Dreams" POE#5} in the winter. Harvestgold refuses to life- or lovemate with her. MARTIGAN adopts a severely wounded racoon dog just prior to his arrival in Grand Illusions {"The Path Taken" POE#5}

HGI 8891            DEWDROP bonds with her first wolf, Fireball. DEMONWOLF leaves Forest- dwellers Holt.  RUNNER arrives at Grand Illusions. FREESOUL arrives in HGI to a poor reception by TRUESTAR. They fight, call a truce, and become friends {"Freesoul's Arrival" POE#8}. FEATHERFLIGHT takes a bold approach to win AMBERFOX's affections. He responds, although not as much as she would have liked. She plans her next attack to further win him! We discover the invention of the Gossamer Distraction Ball, to save Desertmoon's hair {"So Close, Yet So Far" POE#9}. NIGHTSAGE Recognizes CRYSTALWOLF after tying him to a tree to kill him. Disgusted, she refuses him and flees (after shooting him with an arrow). CRYSTALWOLF immediately takes off after her. At the end of the turn, he manages to find her. After fighting in the midst of a severe storm, she acknowledges and accepts him.

HGI 8892            NOBLEPRIDE (M) born to SILVERANKH and CORNERSTONE. MOONQUAIL (F) born to BLACKMINX and WOLFLORE. DAWN (F) born to NIGHT SHADE and Harvestgold. ICEFURY returns to Forestdwellers,and then leaves two days later.  RUNNER 's trading with local trolls goes awry and he is taken prisoner to be tortured. He sends for help and is rescued by the newly arrived LIGHT (M). WOLFLED arrives to aid them both to the Holt {"Untitled" POE#8}. NIGHTCHANT and SUNDANCE arrive at Grand Illusions and NIGHTCHANT recounts the destruction of her holt and her subsequent adoption into a human tribe, where her daughter was born ["Changes in Life" POE#12}

HGI 8893            NIGHT SHADE and MOONDANCE lifemate soon after he rescues DAWN {"Prologue" POE#6, "A New Father" POE#7 & 8}. TIERA and TERANIN arrive at Grand Illusions {"The Night Dancers" POE#5}. GRIMLOCK, IRONFIST, and another elf escape from the trolls after Rockslide is killed in the mines. SWEETDREAM (M) born to ENCHANTMENT (F) and NARSIL (M) at Sunset Holt. SAHARA rescues and Recognizes the terrified and tortured WILDFLAME. She teaches him not to fear humans, but how to kill them {"Untitled" POE#1}. FOXRUN Recognizes SERE. SAGEWINDS (F) born to NIGHTSAGE and CRYSTALWOLF.

HGI 8894            DEMONWOLF finds Grand Illusions and is reunited with MOONFEATHER. TIERA meets SHADOWMIST {"Shadowmist" POE#6}.

HGI 8895            RIOT arrives at Grand Illusions with a very open reception by NIGHTSONG {"RIOT" POE#8}. GREAT WAVE arrives in the Holt. GRIMLOCK, IRONFIST, and friend arrive at Bright Mountain Holt.  RUNNER is fascinated by the horses and ponies in Grand Illusions and decides to catch one for himself. He tries, but lets the mare go after failing to break her {"Runner's Mare" POE#7}.  EIRIK arrives on the outskirts of Grand Illusions while pursuing  a human tribe responsible for the murder of his parents. He is challenged by Rufia, who threatens to kill him. They Recognize and she aids him in annhilating the tribe {"Revenge" POE#7}. SWEETWOOD (F) born to SAHARA and WILDFLAME. TIGERSAGE (M) born to FOXRUN and SERE. NIGHTMOON (M) born to NIGHTSAGE and CRYSTALWOLF.

HGI 8896            AUTUMN NIGHT Recognizes TIERA. After failing to seduce FEATHER-FLIGHT, FLAMESNAP sets his sights on WINDLYRIC, who isn't receptive... yet {"One, Unfortunately, Uneventful Night" POE#13}.  SILVERMIST is nearly captured by  a group of intensely stupid humans, but escapes.Following them back to their tribe, she secretly begins killing them off one by one. In the process, she encounters AMBERFOX and DESERTMOON.  They tell her of Grand Illusions, and after killing the last of the humans, the three return to the Holt.  SILVERMIST bonds with Sleet, her fox {"SILVERMIST" POE #9}

HGI 8897            LITTLESTORM is mauled by a longtooth cat, but not seriously. She and her parents, CAYLAH and STORM'S FURY, arrive at Holt of Grand Illusions. In a war with the trolls in Bright Mountain Holt, GRIMLOCK is mortally wounded and IRONFIST saves his life with his talent for the first and only time.  DAWN becomes frustrated by the feeling she's not good enough to become a Night Dancer when her lessons don't come easy. TERANIN assures her of her worth by recounting the tale of TIERA's hard won acceptance in their original holt {"The White Wolf" POE#7}. VIDUGAVIA (F) born to RUFIA and EIRIK  TWILIGHTSONG (M) born to TUATHA and KNIFESLICE. 

HGI 8898            FLAMESNAP decides he must have SHADOWFLAME, but his attempts have failed so far. SHADOWFLAME performs a dance for him, ending in the two of them going off together into the jungle as lovemates. {"The Dagger Dance" POE#12}. FOX (M) and ROWAN (M) born to TIERA and AUTUMN NIGHT.   WINDCHIME, searching for SILVERMIST, finds her at Holt of Grand Illusions {"WINDCHIME" POE #10}.  NIGHTRAVEN disturbs a bathing WINDCHIME, and makes her very welcome {"Cat and Bird" POE #11}

HGI 8899            SHADOWFLAME teaches FLAMESNAP not to interfere with her lifestyle, for punishment is swift {"Shadowflame's Solution" POE#13}. LITTLEWOLF (M) born to FREEHEART and Quicksilver (F), who dies from wounds received from a battle with humans during childbirth.

HGI 8900            SILVERANKH is captured by humans and is freed by CORNERSTONE and NOBLEPRIDE. The trio is joined by FREESOUL and FIERCE CRY as they destroy the humans and their village...SILVERANKH doing most of the killing {"Silverankh's Battle" POE#8}. SIERRA, also called TIMEFLIGHT, (F) leaves her holt and finds her brother playing god to a group of stupid humans. She convinces him to leave with her and find other elves. They are ambushed and attacked by gliders near Grand Illusions. STARSHADOW helps them fight off the attack, but Sandtiger is killed. SIERRA joins HGI as STARSHADOW’S apprentice {“My Brother’s Keeper” POE #12}

HGI 8901            SHATTER (true name Eranna) returns to his true High One elf form and sets off on his own {"Lion's Mane" POE#18}.  Neko (F), TIMEFLIGHT, STARSHADOW, SILVERCREST, and NIGHTSONG discover an ancient cavern shaped by elves.  NIGHTSONG falls under the control of a mad High One, and helps to capture the others for him.  STARSHADOW kills Schliemann (M) before his plans can be realized, but not before Neko is killed {"Prequel", "Descent Into the Depths of the Soul"  POE #19 & 20}.

HGI 8902            CAYDEG (M) born to CAYLAH and STORM'S FURY at Grand Illusions. CRYSTALSTAR and FROSTFIRE arrive at Holt of Grand Illusions.

HGI 8903            WINDDREAMER aids a young cub to find her mother in the ethereal plain but becomes extremely ill in the process {“The Joining Part 1” POE #15}. TERANIN is out on war games with TIERA and SHADOWFLAME when he find the unconscious WINDDREAMER. Much to TIERA’s protests, TERANIN takes WINDDREAMER in and cares for her, slowly falling in love with her. When she awakes, they Recognize.{“The Joining Part 2” POE #16}. TIERA learns from SHADOWFLAME that she must now share her brother and to accept WINDDREAMER as family {“The Joining Part 3” POE #17} CRYSTALSTAR Recognizes COYOTE.

HGI 8904           GRIMLOCK, IRONFIST, and NIMBLEHAND leave Bright Mountain Holt.

HGI 8905           HEARTMENDER (M) born to WINDDREAMER and TERANIN. NIGHT SHADE loses her sanity and tries to kill the elves of Grand Illusions, thinking they are the humans who killed her family. STARFIRE (F, fomerly Willow) and FIREWRAITH (M, formerly Blaze) born to CRYSTALSTAR and COYOTE. WINDCHIME and NIGHTRAVEN Recognize.

HGI 8906          NIGHTCRYSTAL (F) born to NIGHTSAGE and CRYSTALWOLF. RUNESONG arrives at Grand Illusions, having foiled CRYSTALSTAR. He traps her alone and savagely attacks her. Troll War scenario: SPIDERSTING, VIDUGAVIA, Warsinger are killed and IRONFIST and GRIMLOCK arrive in the middle of the war.  Ebonstride, SILVERTOOTH's elderly wolf, also killed. WILLOWSAGE (M) arrives in Grand Illusions and Recognizes SILVERMIST {"Roads to the Heart" POE #22}.  ARROW arrives in Grand Illusions after traveling alone from her home holt {“Arrow Arriving” POE #15}. ARROW adjusts to the holtlife of her new home and befriends CRYSTALSTAR, who introduces her to FROSTFIRE. Intrigued by his metal weapons and skill of fighting, ARROW convinces FROSTFIRE to teach her to fight with and handle metal weapons. While practicing, ARROW Recognizes FROSTFIRE, but is reluctant to answer the demands until she has found her soul name on her own. She embarks on a soul quest {“The Finding” POE#15}.

HGI 8907            MORRIGAN (F) born to WINDCHIME and NIGHTRAVEN. SILVERTOOTH leaves to mourn Ebonstride in his own way.

HGI 8908           SPARK (M) born to ARROW and FROSTFIRE. LOREMASTER (M) born to SILVERMIST and NIGHTRAVEN. DUSKFALL arrives in Grand Illusions. JUNGLEWISE arrives at Grand Illusions.. SILVERBREEZE and BEARSTRONG Recognize. SILVERTOOTH comes across Pyrah's little group, consisting of Pyrah (who's very large with cub), a very short human female (age 20-23, 5'11", and called Slave - real name not known), and a giant female elf warrior (all her tribe are giants) called Blades (full-Ghostblade). Pyrah tricks SILVERTOOTH into revealing the general whereabouts of his father, after noticing his headpiece (she knew it was SARDEG\STORM'S FURY).

HGI 8909           IRONFIST and HERONMYTH Recognize. SHADOWHAWK, SWIFT, BREEZE, WILLOWHERB, and BROKETOOTH arrive in Grand Illusions. For BROKETOOTH’s safety, he remains on the outskirts of the Holt proper. INRAH (F) born to Pyrah elsewhere. The following day, Pyrah leaves INRAH, Slave, the remaining packhorse, tent, and equipment with SILVERTOOTH and takes off with Blades on one of the horses in the general direction of HGI. SILVERTOOTH renames INRAH DREAMCATCHER. DREAMCATCHER's father is dead, killed by Pyrah after their joining because he dared to Recognize her. SILVERTOOTH will never reveal the identity of DREAMCATCHER's mother.

HGI 8910            EMBERSHARD (F) born to SILVERBREEZE and BEARSTRONG. Pyrah shows up at HGI and demands to see SARDEG (STORM'S FURY). When he refuses to go with her, she tries to kill him, and fatally injures CAYLAH, who later dies. Eight turn old CAYDEG is injured when he tries to protect his mother. Pyrah and STORM'S FURY engage in a great mental battle of wills. Her warped reason is if she can't have them, no one can.  STORM 'S FURY defeats Pyrah and she dies. After CAYDEG recovers from his injuries, SARDEG (STORM'S FURY), now free of Pyrah, leaves to return to his birth holt, taking CAYDEG with him. LITTLESTORM stays.

HGI 8911            ASHDAWN (M) born to IRONFIST and HERONMYTH. SILVERTOOTH re- turns to the Holt with DREAMCATCHER and the human whom he now calls Littlemoth. Littlemoth can understand and speak only elfin, since she was Pyrah's slave from childhood and doesn't remember her own language or real name. SILVERTOOTH tries to convince her that she's free to go, but she refuses and wants to stay. She will eventually go to live with a friendly human tribe.

HGI 8912            MORRIGAN decides she wants to be a warrior when she grows up {“Bedtime Stories” POE #21}.

HGI 8919            SWIFT helps MORRIGAN find a fight coach {“Hard Lessons” POE #31}.  

HGI 8920            **CURRENT TURN**  SAGEWINDS and DARKWEB Recognize.

HGI 8922            WEBSILK (M) born to SAGEWINDS and DARKWEB. Arrowflash (F) arrives in HGI.

HGI 8927            NIGHTCRYSTAL and WINTERHEART Recognize



HGI 8934            SCREAMING EAGLE and Touchstone Recognize

HGI 8936            FOUNTAINBRAID (F) born to SCREAMING EAGLE and Touchstone

HGI 8938   TIMEFLIGHT decides to confront her mother Tialar regarding Sandtiger's death and leaves the Holt.  She learns from Tialar that her father is still alive.  She returns to Grand Illusions to let them know she's leaving to search for REDMANE (M) {"Untitled" POE #21}. WATERFALL and NIGHTFIRE arrive at HGI when NEMESIS and MOONFLAME shoot down WATERFALL’S giant eagle, Redmist. They decide to stay, NIGHTFIRE pleased to be settled for the birth of their cub {“Dropping First Impressions” POE #28}.

HGI 8939            SAPPHIRE (M) born to NIGHTFIRE and WATERFALL

HGI 8941            TIMEFLIGHT is reunited with her father, GARTHON REDMANE {“Lost and Found” TBD}. EVERCHANGE (F) Recognizes Owlflight in Dark Haven Holt and runs away, finding HGI. OWLFLIGHT, BLOODORYX, and MYTHFIRE set off to find her. In the process, they find orphaned LITTLECAT (M) and adopt him.  They eventually come across each other in HGI and all decide to stay, EVERCHANGE and OWLFLIGHT meeting the demands of their Recognition, but choosing not to lifemate {“Thief of the Heart” POE #24}. EAGLECLAW arrives, met by WATERFALL {"The Story" POE #28}. Soon EAGLECLAW realizes his giant bond hawk Freesky has met his mate with WATERFALL's Redmist.  EAGLECLAW sets about devising a huge nest for the birds to raise their chicks, unable to be parted from his bond friend {"Eagles' First Nest" POE #29}

HGI 8942           RUNESONG is killed by SNOWSONG when he attacks him, SNOWSONG then finds his way into HGI {"Price of Life" POE#23}. SNOWFLAKE and WHITESTAR arrive, not making friends with SAPPHIRE {"The Dreamberry Thieves" POE #27}.

HGI 8943        FOUNTAINBRAID decides to sneak into the local humans’ village and steal a skull from their trophy totem in order to prove to DAWNBLADE she is good enough to be accepted into Night Dancer training. Instead, she is discovered and killed. Outraged by the death, MORRIGAN challenges DAWNBLADE. In the ensuing fight, DAWNBLADE throws a poisoned star at MORRIGAN. MORRIGAN throws a dagger at DAWNBLADE and kills her. Touchstone killed attacking the humans. {"Bloodbath” POE #24}. Because a death has occurred on Holt territory, DESERTMOON calls for a Holt Council to decide MORRIGAN’S fate. While most support her, MORRIGAN must leave for 8 turns. While leaving, DAWNBLADE’S friends and family attack her. NIGHTSHADE and SHADOWFLAME are killed by STARSHADOW {“Aftermath” POE #30}. SCREAMING EAGLE leaves the Holt. KIE decides to return to her Holt of origin, MYTHFIRE, CATBLADE BLACKSTAR, and SHADOWFLASH go with her. They are ambushed, BLACKSTAR and SHADOWFLASH are killed {“More Than Words” #30}. EVERCHANGE and FLAMESNAP become lovemates {“Fire and Ice” #27}. DUSK (M) born to EVERCHANGE and OWLFLIGHT {“Fire and Ice part 2” #30}