NAME: Teranin

RACE: elf

GENDER: male




LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): WindDreamer (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S): Heartmender (son)

AGE: 154

HEIGHT: 5'3"

HAIR: soft black with red highlights, hangs in loose waves to lower calves, parted on left, very thick and full, feels like spun silk

EYES: dark amethyst, narrow, long, and slanted, thick lashes

SKIN TONE: milky pale

BODY TYPE: slender but muscular

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: scar running from right shoulder to left hip across chest

CLOTHING: loose dark red vest belted at hips, light red tight pants, white thigh high boots, black belt with silver buckle

JEWELRY: silver belt buckle

WEAPONS: long sword, two daggers, longbow

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: weapons, family

ABILITIES: strong sending, animal bonding, magic feeling

SKILLS: fighting, hunting, tanning, dancing, tracking, seduction, lovemaking, bead working, carving, drummer

FAMILY: parents deceased, Tiera (twin sister), WindDreamer (Recognized lifemate), Heartmender (son), Fox (nephew), Rowan (nephew)

ORIGIN: wanderer from an agricultural holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Teranin is from the same village as Shadowflame, and left there with his twin sister soon after Shadowflame's exile. Teranin will not speak aloud, as he hates the sound of his harsh, grating voice, and he sends very infrequently, only when the mood strikes him. Most of the time, he is vocally and mentally quiet, and he communicates with looks and gestures. The only people whom he associates with (Tiera, Shadowflame, WindDreamer, Heartmender) have no problems understanding him, so he's not worried about it or others. Teranin is a NightDancer, a deadly fighter who mixes grace and dance beautifully with war skills. He can strike without giving any warning, and most would be unable to avoid his blows. As a NightDancer, he works best with other NightDancers. He is infinitely proud of being a NightDancer, as only the best were ever named such. While Shadowflame's faithful lovemate, he knew Shadowflame loved others besides him, and was unperturbed by the fact. Teranin was very sure of the fact that of all males, he was best loved by her, so he didn't worry. In fact, Teranin laughed at the others, because he knew Shadowflame best, and that knowledge was what brought her back to him. When he Recognized WindDreamer, that all changed, and he became intensely loyal and devoted to only WindDreamer, but remained a close and loyal friend to Shadowflame (who lovemated with Flamesnap before she was killed). Teranin is always in the company of his lifemate and son, deeply passionate about them both.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: red and white/running fox


HUMANS: detests and will attack on sight

TROLLS: they have their uses

PRESERVERS: annoying little pests

OTHER ELVES: they're alright, but he has preferences