NAME: Taliesin

RACE: elf

GENDER: male




LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): Qess (Recognized lovemate)

CUB(S): Trist (son, stillborn)

AGE: 6500

HEIGHT: 4'8"

HAIR: golden blonde, fairly straight to mid back, kept back from eyes by headband decorated with Celtic knotwork, sometimes worn in a coil

EYES: brilliant turquoise, deep and lovely

SKIN TONE: well tanned

BODY TYPE: very well muscled chest, nice body, cute tush

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: whip marks, knife scars, burn scars everywhere but on face, very alluring eyes, high cheekbones, rich and melodic voice

CLOTHING: tan vest with embroidery and knotwork, black pants with laced sides that are usually opened, black boots, lightweight black shirt with embroidery and knotwork for when it rains

JEWELRY: gold ornate open ended neckband (Celtic style torc)

WEAPONS: sword, two throwing knives in tops of boots


ABILITIES: sending, animal bonding, rock and crystal shaping

SKILLS: singing, storytelling, harp playing, embroiderer, weaving, winemaking, knotworking, potter, can fight quite well if he has to (learned to protect himself from the trolls)

FAMILY: Ryo (brother at Eaglefeather Holt), Amurorei (nephew at HGI), Xian (half sister, Trails End), Duilliath (nephew, Sagewinds Holt)

ORIGIN: Trails End

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Taliesin was very happy in his life until he Recognized Qess. He was not fond of her, but for the sake of his child, he made a go of lovemating to her (he knew she was in love with his brother Ryo who didn't return her affection). Then when their child was stillborn, Taliesin felt something inside him die and Qess went mad, running off. Later, she returned and Taliesin, believing her to be healed, followed her at her request. Taliesin realized too late how mad she was. She took him prisoner in the troll warren she lorded over. For over a century he was tormented by her and her anti-healing talent and by the trolls, being a virtual slave to them because he could shape rock. He watched as Qess (now calling herself Wildchild) kidnapped a baby boy and pretending it was theirs, tormented the child as he grew. She captured and tormented several other elves. This, over the years, helped to firm up his broken spirit and he shaped his way out of the warren. However, Qess had nearly driven him insane. He has wild and often violent mood swings (Qess named him Black Moors for the surrounding environment when this started to happen). Taliesin wanted to go back home but wasn't sure if he could face his brother (Qess had told him she had killed Ryo's lifemate). Taliesin has several distinctive moods: one friendly, one fearful and spiteful, one almost childish. His behavior cannot be predicted but he is mostly harmless. He can be excited into dangerous rages or into a child's personality complete with tantrums. Taliesin developed very tough mental blocks in order to withstand Qess' mental assaults and it will be very difficult for a mind healer to help him. Taliesin is very terrified of healers because of Qess and won't let them touch him. He goes into hysterical fits if a healer tries to press the point. Taliesin found HGI and decided to stay as he wanted company. He was horrified to find that Amurorei (Ryo's son) was there and that Qess really had killed his mother. Taliesin does not know how to react to his nephew, but Amurorei doesn't blame his uncle for what happened and tries to help him. Taliesin is a bit afraid of his nephew and wishes he could be left alone. Taliesin hates himself because of his mood swings, but cannot help himself nor will he accept help. He has several other qualities that Qess didn't torture out of him. He has grace, majesty, grandeur, courage, and a noble heart (so long as his mood swings aren't swinging). He tries to be a gentleman at all times. He can fight but he prefers not to, being pretty calm, domestic and peaceful. Taliesin is very uncertain around women because of Qess, and while he feels this way, he still might like a lover. However, most ladies are uneasy about him and tend to avoid him. He doesn't understand why (in his heart he does, but won't admit it) and this saddens him. He also loves children and would babysit, but most mothers are afraid of his mood swings and won't let him.



HUMANS: wary but not hateful

TROLLS: absolutely hates

PRESERVERS: no opinion

OTHER ELVES: alternatively very friendly and fearful and spiteful

BOND BEAST: horse NAME: Sunmist GENDER: female COLOR: grey