NAME: Sunfox

RACE: elf

GENDER: female



KNOWN BY: herself and Icewolf (soul sister)

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): Sunstorm (casual lovemate), Rigor (lovemate), anyone else interested at the time

CUBS: none

AGE: 238


HAIR: Light brown with blond highlights, length to base of spine, pulled away from face by a headband or bandanna with little wisps of hair on forehead and thin sidelocks escaping. Likes to try different combinations of braids and beads.

EYES: Light brown, very rounded

SKIN TONE: Golden brown. Only takes a little sun to make it tan darker, never burns

BODY TYPE: slender with curves in the right places, medium bust, strong legs

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Extremely quiet for all the jewelry she wears, charming smile, round face

CLOTHING: Simple low cut and revealing tops, cut-off shorts with beaded fringe, folded down, leather moccasins.

JEWELRY: Lots all over. Four holes in either ears. Loves gold and shiny stones. Usually goes with a sun/moon motif.

WEAPONS: Wit, cunning, and quick thinking. A small dagger. Disappears when confronted by anyone violent.

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: Friends, lovemates, and Icewolf

ABILITIES: strong sending, animal bonding

SKILLS: singing, making traps, spying, keeping out of view, getting noticed only when she wants to, fooling the eye, slight of hand tricks, riding zwoots

FAMILY: back in Holt of origin, soul sister Icewolf

ORIGIN: group of desert elves similar to Sorrows End

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Didn't care for the calm, protected life she lived in her desert village, so after about one hundred years she took a zwoot and went exploring. Running into a few small groups of animal blooded elves in forests and prairies, she picked up some new customs and ways of living. Got stuck with a preserver in one of these other Holts. She's gotten into a few tangles with humans, trolls, and even some closed minded near-High Ones. Instead of hating any of them, she's very thankful for the lessons of survival. Very optimistic and resourceful. Loves joining and making friends. Dislikes those who try to overpower others or kill for the sheer purpose of hate. Can't stand cold weather! Comes and goes from Grand Illusions.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: Gold /sun and moons

KNOWLEDGE/OPINION OF: HUMANS: Poor, clumsy creatures. Pretty boring, and harmless if you keep your distance.

TROLLS: Great sources of pretty things! Never met one I couldn't handle.

PRESERVERS: Admirable, though I wish they wouldn't talk so much.

OTHER ELVES: Great fun, when they aren't in a bad mood. Love listening to their stories.

BOND BEAST: None presently. Does Icewolf count? NAME: GENDER: COLOR:

ANIMAL FRIEND/RIDE (SPECIFY WHICH IF APPLICABLE): friend preserver NAME: Flickerlight GENDER: um... none COLOR: bright yellow body, yellow/green wings and eyes, white and green flower hat