NAME: Sunflight

RACE: elf

GENDER: female



KNOWN BY: herself

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): Firewind (lovemate)

CUB(S): none

AGE: 385

HEIGHT: 4'1"

HAIR: bright gold, wavy and full, short bangs with slight curl in sidelocks, length to waist but is usually pulled up into a high ponytail wrapped with a leather cord or strap for about 5" then falls a little past mid-back

EYES: amber, wide, slightly slanted

SKIN TONE: light tan from being outdoors

BODY TYPE: limber and curvy, a dancer

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: bright gold of hair, looks like it was touched by the sun, no marks or scars

CLOTHING: off the shoulder gold tunic with tan/brown trim around top and bottom and ragged short sleeves, gold skirt part in two panels - front and back cut up to hips - and ends just above knees, decorative belt for holding dagger (changes in design), thick soled slippers in either dark brown or tan with lacings up calves

JEWELRY: gold necklace of sun/hawk combined with long rays resembling wings and point down resembling the tail of a bird, topaz stone set in center

WEAPONS: spear, dagger, bow when needed


ABILITIES: sending, animal bonding, magic feeling

SKILLS: tanning super soft furs, dye gathering, hunting when needed, exploring the area, some herbal knowledge (mainly spices and dyes), cooking


ORIGIN: Forestdwellers Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Friendly, helpful, likes to be busy. Good with her hands. Will work on her tanning out in the sunlight where she can be around others. Likes to chat while working. Gathers dyes and spices for her tanning and for cooking. Has a passion for feathers and beads. Will go chasing after birds with pretty feathers in order to get one. Decorative and imaginative. Will make fur bedspreads and decorates the edges and such. Not actually a customer, but will help. Does not like to pass gossip, but sure likes to hear it! Will hunt when needed during lean times or for a change of pace. Likes to go in a group when outside of the normal area of the Holt. Can defend herself in most situations, but prefers to avoid conflicts, and will not go with those searching for fights. Likes having company (of the male sort), but is patient between lovemates…waiting for one to strike her fancy. Cuddly and loving to those that have her attention. Loyal and teasing to lovemates. An erotic dancer, but only in private, as she's embarrassed to do it in front of all elves. Handles wine fairly well. Wandered in with several others from the Forestdwellers.



HUMANS: tries to avoid, would defend herself from those that are violent, avoids those that don't attack her.

TROLLS: have nice metals and jewelry, but shouldn't be trusted

PRESERVERS: can be annoying, also handy when you need a web. Does not encourage them.

OTHER ELVES: Friendly to those that are, avoids those that obviously hate everyone else. Why talk with a glum?

BOND BEAST: wolf NAME: Fleetfoot GENDER: female COLOR: tan/golden, light colored feet