NAME: Stillwater

RACE: elf

GENDER: female



KNOWN BY: Snowflake (mother), Sunstorm (father), Snowstorm (sister), Whitestar


CUB(S): none

AGE: cub


HAIR: golden blonde, pulled into shoulder length ponytail with escaping strands from front and back

EYES: med. bluish-green, slightly slanted

SKIN TONE: light tan

BODY TYPE: thin, small busted (will always look this way)

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES: strong lion blood, golden light fur over entire body, cat-like elliptical pupils, cat-like nose, slight ear tufts, thick eyelashes

CLOTHING: soft heather top tying around neck in back, matching mid-thigh skirt, short med. brown boots

JEWELRY: silver armbands with two crescent moons at either side of full moon etched onto them (matching Snowflake's necklace)

WEAPONS: isn't supposed to have any, but gets her hands on old, unwanted ones

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: twin sister Snowstorm

ABILITIES: sending, animal bonding (latent), water finding

SKILLS: stealth, finding old weapons and hiding them from her family, exploring

FAMILY: Snowflake (mother), Sunstorm (father), Snowstorm (twin sister)

ORIGIN: Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Stillwater has grown close to her extended, adopted family of Nightfire, Waterfall, Sapphire, and Nemesis. She is at ease with all of them. She is very curious about everything. She often picks a person and follows them around all day until they tell her to leave or they go back to their dwelling. She wants to know about everything NOW, and gets really upset and pouty when she's told she's too young for something. She isn't too curious about DANCING because Sapphire has told her all about it. She is very close to her sister and sometimes she thinks they can read each other's thoughts. She doesn't share many interests with her sister, but they love to sneak off to the water and swim together. Stillwater has a crush on Sapphire and sometimes freezes up when around him, especially if she's been thinking about him. She hasn't told anyone about this, but Snowstorm has guessed it many times.

COLORS\SYMBOLS: heather\none

KNOWLEDGE\OPINION OF: HUMANS: hasn't any idea how she should think about them

TROLLS: likes Broketooth, but hasn't met any others

PRESERVERS: Loves'em! Especially Sparkleberry

OTHER ELVES: extremely curious