NAME: Spidersilk

RACE: elf

GENDER: male



KNOWN BY: parents, Sablewolf (soul brother)


CUB(S): none

AGE: 67

HEIGHT: 5'3"

HAIR: buff white, flows to just above knees, extremely silky

EYES: deep stormy grey, always seems to be looking right through everything, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE: alabaster

BODY TYPE: slender

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: deep scar just under right collarbone, result from the attack on his village, eyes/his gaze

CLOTHING: loves to wear flowing silks and favors whites, greys, silvers, and occasionally black

JEWELRY: elaborate silver neckband made to taper down his chest in effigy of a spider's web, silver hoop in his right ear

WEAPONS: being fairly unaggressive, he carries only a dagger

ABILITIES: sending, animal bonding, "Spidersinger" (his self named title) allowing him to control any arachnid at will

SKILLS: weaving, tanning, singing, herbalist

FAMILY: parents deceased, Sablewolf (soul brother)

ORIGIN: wanderer

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Spidersilk is a shy, reserved young elf who is very close and loyal to Sablewolf, his soul brother, and to some extent, idol. Spidersilk's intimate knowledge of/power over arachnids leads him to treat the web spinners kindly, even keeping some as constant companions. He is quite clever, though too shy to voice his thoughts to anyone but Sable'. He still carries emotional scars from his village's massacre. His origin is as Sable's, save that he was caught in a hut and left for dead.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: iridescent grey/a spider


HUMANS: fears them

TROLLS: finds them perfectly likable

PRESERVERS: they're alright

OTHER ELVES: he's affable but reserved

BOND BEAST: fox NAME: Squeakerdancer GENDER: female COLOR: red with gold eyes

ANIMAL FRIEND/RIDE (SPECIFY WHICH): friend, tarantula NAME: Fruitfuzz GENDER: male COLOR: brown with red and black leg bands

ANIMAL FRIEND/RIDE (SPECIFY WHICH): friend, spider NAME: Chee GENDER: female COLOR: shiny black with red hourglass