NAME: Spiceclove

RACE: elf

GENDER: female


SOUL NAME: unrevealed

KNOWN BY: herself, parents


CUB(S): none

AGE: 475

HEIGHT: 3'7"

HAIR: spice brown, waist length, wavy, fluffy, top pulled back into topknot

EYES: bright periwinkle blue, level, medium sized, almond shaped

SKIN TONE: medium tan

BODY TYPE: shapely and well toned

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: none, has the healer remove any major ones

CLOTHING: earthtone leather mid-riff with sleeves and slightly ragged ends, matching knee length pants and knee high boots

JEWELRY: copper twist hairband with a bunch of feathers attached, beads and various color dyed feathers attached to pants and sleeve ends, copper earstuds

WEAPONS: dagger in top of each boot, snares for catching small game


ABILITIES: sending, weak animal bonding, plantshaping

SKILLS: herbalism, cooking, tanning small hides and furs, snaring small game instead of hunting, tracking

FAMILY: Springshower (mother), Roguestar (father), Herbgather (younger sister)

ORIGIN: Forestdwellers Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Extremely social; a people person. Likes being around others. She'll even say, "Hi" with a smile to the most anti-social elf! Doesn't pursue conversations with those that don't wish to - she prefers to stay intact! An occasional flirt, has been known to make outright passes at any male she might find attractive. If he objects, she won't bother him in that manner any more, but would still be friendly. After all, she's not that pushy! Her herbalism consists of making spices, scents, dyes, poisons, medicines, salves, oils, teas, paints. Her sister does most of the gathering. She enjoys her work and "shop talk" with other herbalists. Likes to experiment new ideas with herbs and spices. Left the Forestdwellers Holt with her sister out of boredom. She was also fed up with the chief and his self-importance. Hasn't had a serious lovemate relationship yet. Recognition would be a surprise to her, as she doesn't expect it to happen to her. If she should lifemate or Recognize, she would be committed to him, but during DANCING, would probably seek out other company, but would always return to him. If she and her future Recognized don't get along with each other, she won't lifemate with him. She doesn't like to argue. For some reason, a wolf chose to bond with her. She is called "'Clove" by her sister, family, and friends. Will accept almost any offer to DANCE and uses dreamberries frequently (but not overindulging).

COLORS/SYMBOLS: earthtone browns/none


HUMANS: best left alone, dangerous if provoked

TROLLS: they make pretty sparklies, but why bother when you can make your own pretties out of what's around? Besides, they smell bad and have foul manners

PRESERVERS: ok, as long as they keep their distance

OTHER ELVES: doesn't mind in the least about whether they are mixed or pure. Likes and enjoys everyone's company (except Harvesttoad and Chirpbird, avoids both), especially the males!

BOND BEAST: wolf NAME: Bounder GENDER: female COLOR: grey with brown eyes. A rather small wolf