NAME: Silvertooth

RACE: elf GENDER: male


SOUL NAME: not revealed

KNOWN BY: himself, Littlelark (Recognized lifemate, deceased), Spidersting (Recognized lifemate, deceased), Willowsap (Recognized lovemate)

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): Willowsap (Recognized lovemate)

CUB(S): Nimblehand (son), Darkweb (son), Rainbird (daughter), Dreamcatcher (adopted daughter)

AGE: 684 (HGI 8920), born HGI 8236 HEIGHT: 3'6"

HAIR: black, mid-thigh length, very straight, held back in ponytail with silver clasp

EYES: medium blue, narrowish, medium sized, slightly slanted, somewhat oriental in appearance

SKIN TONE: medium tan BODY TYPE: small, sturdy, compact, muscular

MARKS/ SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: silver left upper front tooth, thin black mustache, left handed

CLOTHING: prefers blue-grey leathers; generally wears one of two outfits: (1) short sleeveless tunic, open to waist with V shaped ragged hems in front and back; thigh high boots with dagger sheath in top of left boot, wide and heavy black leather elaborately tooled belt with a large diamond-shaped silver buckle with sending star design containing a small round clearstone in center (2) short vest with ragged edges, short loincloth with ragged edges which is attached only at sides to a metal ring on each side of belt. This style usually worn with boots, but occasionally with sandals and dagger strapped to left thigh

JEWELRY: all of troll made silver (except forehead piece and claw pendant): ornate delicate looking forehead ornament, claw grasping a fire opal sphere pendant on leather cord (these two are always worn), silver sending star hair clasp, plain neckband, two wide upper armbands, two wide forearm bands (one each per arm), plain narrow wristband (right wrist), large diamond shaped silver buckle with sending star design and small round clearstone in center, will most likely acquire more

WEAPONS: all of troll made brightmetal: dagger with faceted sapphire in hilt in left boot, elaborately engraved sword with a fire opal in hilt in an elaborately hand tooled black leather sheath with silver trim on top and bottom

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: forehead ornament (family heirloom - was made by his father's father and was given to him by his father Storm's Fury), tortoise shell comb with red coral and abalone shell inlay (from former lovemate in sea elf tribe), silver claw pendant from yet another former lovemate

ABILITIES: sending, wolf bonding. Avoids sending; will do so only if absolutely necessary. He has no problem listening to a person whether they send or speak, as long as he doesn't have to send in return.

SKILLS: trading, filching from unsuspecting trolls (or anyone that deserves it!), tans small hides (surprisingly good at it, too!) for trading purposes, trapping (usually enough to feed and clothe himself), fluent in troll dialect, somewhat fluent in human tongue, teller of tall tales (the taller the better!), jack of all trades type, somewhat of an escape artist, hiding and concealment (himself as well as objects), has become a very good tracker, occasionally hunts, can fight if needed, but would rather not.

FAMILY: Ebonmist (mother, deceased), Storm'sFury (father, deceased), Sunwood (aunt, deceased), Ravendark (aunt, at Shadow Vale Holt), Merryberry (f-cousin at Shadow Vale), Mountainshoulder (m-cousin at Shadow Vale), Littlestorm (1/2 sister), Brightplume (1/2 brother), Littlelark (Recognized lifemate, deceased), Nimblehand (son), Spidersting (Recognized lifemate, deceased), Darkweb (son), Willowsap (Recognized lovemate, deceased), Rainbird (daughter, deceased), Darksage (granddaughter), Websilk (grandson), Runeworm (grandson), Dreamcatcher (adopted daughter) ORIGIN: longtime wanderer; doesn't talk about his birth holt, Shadow Vale

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: His original name was Restless Soul. He is even-tempered, easy going, almost always smiling. Loves female company, is a fast talker, somewhat of a con artist. Some consider him lazy, a drifter, and a wanderer. He likes to be in control of his own situations (he doesn't try to control others, though). He feared Recognition, as he knew it would be totally out of his control, and when it first happened, he fought it as long as he could. He left immediately after he satisfied its demands. He's very friendly, not shy, likes and enjoys flirting with and charming the maidens. Likes joining, enjoys DANCING! and howling. Loves silver and "acquiring" ornate jewelry (usually from some troll) and other items. Likes telling stories of his adventures, greatly embellished, of course! He doesn't believe in exchanging soul names, no matter what the situation might be. He will often play along with pranks, then will turn it around on the prankster, spoiling his/her fun. He met up with Spidersting during his wanderings. Despite their opposite personalities, they traveled well together. They later Recognized and had Darkweb. Silvertooth would usually spend the coldest part of the year with whatever holt/tribe was nearby after first observing them from hiding places to make sure they were not hostile, and would then reveal his presence (if not discovered first). If he liked the place, he would stay for several turns. He, Spidersting, and Darkweb happened across HGI, Spidersting and Darkweb walked right on in. Silvertooth hid and observed, but was soon discovered by Amberfox and Desertmoon. He likes HGI because they're always on the move, and he decided to stay. He still goes off on short wandering stints, but always returns. Some turns after his arrival, his father Storm'sFury showed up with his own family. Silvertooth has happy to find out he now has a younger sister and brother. A few more turns later, 3 elves from Bright Mountain Holt arrived, and he found out one of them (Nimblehand) is the cub from his first Recognition. The two liked each other right off and got along well together. He also knows Snowcrystal and Suneagle from his past visits to Bright Mountain. His silver tooth was a gift from a troll friend after he lost his natural one. It was a maiden even shorter than himself disliking his attentions, that knocked it out. The incident was embarrassing and humiliating to him. He will never discuss how he got the tooth, or anything about his Recognitions. If asked about it, he will steer the conversation in another direction. He always tries to keep a neat, clean appearance, though he's not a neat freak; he bathes whenever he can. His long, shiny hair is his pride and joy, and always keeps it neat, clean, and combed. He sleeps whenever he feels the need to, whether it's day or night - when ya' need to sleep, ya' need to sleep! He sleeps in a large dyed and mottled green leather hammock (to blend in with the foliage) suspended on a sturdy branch high up in a tree. If it rains, he drapes a well oiled leather "tent" tied down so it won't blow away, over the branch, to cover him up. He carries everything he owns in a large leather knapsack with shoulder straps. For him, the humans are endlessly fascinating and amusing, and he frequently spies on them. He was careless one time and was captured, but escaped (after the guards fell asleep!). One of his favorite tales to tell with embellishment, of course! During the troll war, Spidersting was killed in battle. This is when Nimblehand and his friends arrived. Silvertooth is more upset about this than he expected. His wolf, Ebonstride, was killed by the trolls. He left for about 10 turns, the returned to his same old self (he managed to find the tribe even though they moved) with a very young girl cub and a very short human female he's named Littlemoth. Nobody knows what he did or where he went for such a long time. He was distressed when he learned about his father's leaving and Caylah's death. He blames himself. He will not talk about why he blames himself or what he was doing during his absence. After the birth of his grandcubs (the first two), he is happy about it, and adores them and likes to spend time with them as well as the rest of his family. He later Recognizes with one of his favorite lovemates, Willowsap. He didn't like getting Recognized yet again, but adores his new daughter anyway. Shortly after his Recognition to Willowsap, while returning from one of his human spying stints, he ran across an abandoned wolf den and decided to investigate it. Not abandoned afterall, he found a tiny wolf pup with barely opened eyes that was barely clinging to life. He took her back with him and carefully, with Willowsap's help, nursed her back to health. Of course, he bonds with her. Silvertooth never found out what happened to the mother wolf. Enjoys dreamberries and wine but doesn't overindulge, at least he doesn't seem to! Enjoys DANCING immensely! Never without a partner. Sometimes has several partners through the course of the evening, usually with his favorites. COLORS/SYMBOLS: blue-grey and black/none KNOWLEDGE/OPINION OF: HUMANS: endlessly fascinating and amusing to watch, especially their mating habits. Knows enough of their language to carry on simple conversations. Still spies on them despite being captured once. TROLLS: knows they can be a threat and even deadly, but most are nonthreatening (at least to himself). Has had troll friends in the past. Very fluent in their dialect (the words and terms most elves wouldn't normally know). Knows a lot about them and how to deal with most. PRESERVERS: PESTS! The only use they're good for is wrapping up small prey if they can be persuaded to do so. It's also fun to watch them irritate others. OTHER ELVES: generally gets along well w/most, especially willing maidens! Exceptions are those that dislike wolfriders or other mixed elves, then his remarks toward them would be sharply sarcastic and he would probably play rather unpleasant though harmless pranks on them as well! Doesn't care for the anti- social; besides, they're no fun anyway

BOND BEAST: wolf NAME: Deathcheater GENDER: female COLOR: plain mousy grey with intense yellow-green eyes; ~2 turns in HGI 8920; not overly large