NAME: Silvergreen

RACE: elf

GENDER: female


SOUL NAME: not revealed

KNOWN BY: herself, Lanceleaf (brother)

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): Frostborn (lovemate)

CUB(S): none

AGE: 250

HEIGHT: 4'2"

HAIR: silver-frost blonde with silver highlights, knee length, silky, wispy bangs, sidelocks in two braids

EYES: silver frosty jade-green with deep emerald green flecks, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE: light tan

BODY TYPE: busty but curvaceously slender

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: heart shaped face, pale rosy pink full lips, mischievous and sparkling eyes

CLOTHING: varies, but usually a soft slate grey French cut one piece with diamond cutout in front with fringe and feathers along top part of bodice hanging over breast, emerald green stitching along hips, emerald green stitching and highlights over outfit. Soft slate grey heeless and toeless sandals with emerald green stitching and feathers. May wear plum peacock purple and rich sable brown colored variation of this outfit.

JEWELRY: silver and copper hairclasps with feathers, silver and jade green hoop earrings, silver and jade green armlets with feathers falling elbow length

WEAPONS: bow with grey and green fletched arrows, quarterstaff, hunting dagger

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: everything she owns

ABILITIES: very strong sending, animal bonding, magic feeling, minor plantshaping, not fully controlled metalshaping

SKILLS: excellent cook, herbal and plant knowledge, herbal healer, animal and some human knowledge, horse trainer/rider/thief, hunting, tracking, occasional scout, acrobat, contortionist (uses it to get into small places), firestarting, astronomy, excellent swimming and fishing, musical, plays flute

FAMILY: Lanceleaf (brother), all others deceased

ORIGIN: Shadowrain Keepers of Dark Haven

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Silvergreen raised her brother on herbs (since she was not able to breastfeed him) and is somewhat motherly to him. She is somewhat surprised that Lanceleaf turned out the way he is - strong and well built instead of scrawny and ill-looking. Silvergreen is steadfast, very stubborn, and a self-reliant and confident maiden. She is very sure of herself and how she stands in a world where being an elf is tough. She has no pity for elves who whine, wanting sympathy and take the easy way out or warriors who resent Recognition soooooo much that they would kill themselves. Silvergreen is friendly and easy going, and very blunt and open with everyone. She speaks her mind and listens to anyone who has a problem and needs someone to talk to. She has a knack for solving problems with very simply and down-to-earth answers. Since coming to Holt of Grand Illusions, the lifestyle agrees with her and has an eye for any good-looking males, being a natural flirt.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: none/three dark droplets of water falling into cupped hands (Shadowrain Keepers symbol)

KNOWLEDGE/OPINION OF: HUMANS: DESPISES THE VERY SMELL OF THEM!!!!! Will go into a bloodlust and will attack on sight

TROLLS: indifferent

PRESERVERS: came really close to making preserver stew (had her reasons at the time)

OTHER ELVES: having traveled with her brother, is glad for the company of elves

BOND BEAST: Arabian horse NAME: Shadowstealer GENDER: male COLOR: liquid jet-coal black

ANIMAL FRIEND/RIDE (SPECIFY WHICH IF APPLICABLE): Arabian horse NAME: Frostfury GENDER: female COLOR: silver-white