NAME: Shades-of-Grey or Shades

RACE: elf


GENDER: male

SOUL NAME: not revealed

KNOWN BY: himself, Littlestorm (Recognized mate)

LIFE\LOVEMATE: Littlestorm (Recognized mate, not lifemated)


AGE: 28

HEIGHT: 5'8"

HAIR: charcoal grey, almost to knees, slightly wavy, bangs to nose that are pulled forward to hang between eyes and braided, short sidelocks, rest pulled back at neck in decorative hairband

EYES: aqua, medium size, slightly narrow, almond shaped, slightly slanted

SKIN TONE: light tan

BODY TYPE: slender and leanly muscled, nice to look at


CLOTHING: grey two tone leather tank top tucked into loose fitting just below knee length grey leather pants with fronts opened to tops of thighs, black belt with oval buckle, grey leather ankle boots with long fold down cuffs held up by decorative ankle bands, grey leather forearm guards. Has winter clothes packed away.

JEWELRY: narrow silver bands around pant legs just above knees, silver oval belt buckle

WEAPONS: metal knife worn on back of belt, animal snares, traps

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: father's python, now dead

ABILITIES: powerful sending, animal bonding, magic feeling, untapped hypnosis

SKILLS: fighting, stealth, concealment, tracking, interested in new fighting tactics, cloth weaving (has small portable loom), some gardening, herblore, self taught wilderness survival (by trial and error mostly)

FAMILY: Redserpent\Pyrah (mother, deceased), Tickle (father, deceased), Dreamcatcher (half-sister), Galenyia (aunt, identical twin to Pyrah, doesn't know about her), Littlestorm (Recognized mate)

ORIGIN: Longdrop Twin Peaks Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Shades is very quiet. He can make almost anyone's skin crawl just by staring at them in the eye. Doesn't allow many to get really close to him. Does have a couple of friends back home; he doesn't make friends very easily. But that doesn't mean he's completely unlikable. He doesn't smile often, this sometimes makes others (especially the friendliest) reluctant to approach him. Seldom speaks, mostly sends. Born to Tickle and Redserpent (Pyrah) into a traveling band of marauding elves that kept humans, trolls, and even other elves as slaves. His father died when Shades was a baby and his mother left. He was adopted into Longdrop Twin Peaks and raised there. He has heard nothing good about his parents in his while life, but believes in his heart that there must have been something good about them. His adopted mother answered his questions about his parents to the best of her knowledge. He has been on a quest to find his mother for the past 15 turns. Shortly before arriving at HGI, he ran into the elf that was his mother's bodyguard and knows she's now deceased. On arriving at HGI, he saw Littlestorm across a small clearing, and as she saw him - you guessed it! Recognition happened. He marched right over to her and they took care of that on the spot, then he walked away, not intending to lifemate with her until she followed him and convinced him to at least stay and help to raise the cub. He thought about it and decided he didn't want to walk out like his mother did, so he will stay, though he won't interfere in any relationship Littlestorm might be involved in. He will make a few friends, even though he tries not to.

COLORS\SYMBOLS: mostly greys\none

KNOWLEDGE\OPINION OF: HUMANS: used to believe they were generally friendly, but now knows this to be the exception. He ran into his share of hostile and violent ones. His python was killed by a frightened human. Won't kill them unless backed into a corner and has absolutely no other choice.

TROLLS: no opinion formed yet. Has yet to see/meet any. Will find them to be rather thieving/deceitful, probably won't hesitate to kill any that prove threatening and hostile or intend to do real harm

PRESERVERS: no opinion formed yet. Has yet to see/meet any. Will find them to be a major pest, sees no reason to kill the annoying bugs, but would swat them away or think up tasks and activities to keep them busy.

OTHER ELVES: reserved around others. The only close friends he has are back home. After Recognizing Littlestorm, she convinces him to stay, and he does make a few friends, despite his trying not to get very close to anyone. Would enjoy sparring with a the other warrior types.

BOND BEAST: large wolf NAME: Ice GENDER: male COLOR: pure white with pale crystal blue eyes Doesn't let anyone but Shades approach him.