NAME:           Sablewolf

RACE:            elf

GENDER:      male

pure blooded

SOUL NAME:            Alysne

KNOWN BY:             himself, Raventhorn (sister), Spidersilk
(soul brother), Coolblade  (Recognized lifemate)

Coolblade (Recognized lifemate)


AGE:               180

HEIGHT:       5’5”

HAIR:             black/blue, ankle length, wavy, parted on left side,
luxuriant and silken soft

EYES:             violet with gold and silver flecks, slanted,
framed by onyx lashes

SKIN TONE:             alabaster

BODY TYPE: lithely muscled, elegant, graceful build, seductive in his movements


CLOTHING:              two changes: (1) black loincloth, fawn toned black laced thigh high

moccasins, fawn fingerless gloves with black laces (2) billowy white sleeved shirt, long

woven purple, black, and gold sash, black tights

JEWELRY:    gold pentagram on gold necklace, amethyst crystal pendant on leather thong, two

            gold hoop earrings in each ear, silver wolf head ring, various gold, silver, and ivory wrist

            bangles, often carries large fawn pouch decorated with feathers on a shoulder sling that

            rests on the hips and contains various herbs, feathers, and pelts

WEAPONS:   two throwing daggers in either moccasin, stiletto wrapped to right wrist, black

            leather whip

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            jewelry, sister, soul brother, lifemate, cub, animal friends

ABILITIES:   strong sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:         singing, dancing, playing a lap harp and tambourine, songweaving, hunting,

            herbalist, wine making (also liqueurs, ales, medicines, incense, oils, teas, dyes, and paints),

            artist that paints on leathers, bone, and wood; lovemaking and seduction

FAMILY:       parents deceased, Raventhorn (sister), Spidersilk (soul brother), Coolblade

            (Recognized lifemate), Heronmyth (niece)

ORIGIN:        wanderer

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Sablewolf is for the most part, a sweet natured elf,
although he has a wicked temper if his ire is roused.  He is charismatic, charming, and to many, a striking beauty.
He is a bit vain, although he tries to pretend he is not.  He has always dearly loved dancing and singing, and as a
partial result, has a very appealing, erotic way of moving, and a sexy, smooth light tenor.  He has a hair fetish: he
adores hair, and it has a definite impact on his interest in a lady.  He is usually chivalrous to the ladies, especially when
entreating for their affections; he is something of a romanticist, and will bring them gifts – and in true troubadour fashion
– will sing them songs.  That is, not to say he does not view females as his equals, in fact, he is well aware that many of
 them are better warriors, fighters, etc than he or most males he knows are.  He enjoys banter and gameplaying, but will
 only engage in it when it is light.  He can turn a sharp phrase if he is insulted enough to return kind.  He is a reasonable fighter,
 is very adept with his knives and whip, and is very quick and agile (his greatest asset in a fighting situation).  He is very loving
and open toward most elves, and will be loyal to his friends and tribemates.  If however, his trust is betrayed, he will hold
a long grudge.  He is quite intelligent, but sometimes seems to have the IQ of a turnip due to his tendency to become
utterly involved in what he’s doing.  He is exceedingly fond of animals, and is forever befriending some beast or other.
His original holt was massacred by humans, leaving only himself, his sister Raventhorn, and soul brother Spidersilk alive.
Bereft of a home, the trio set out wandering, and eventually had the amazing luck to happen upon another human party.
Fortunately, they were rescued by a half-tiger, half-elfin female named Palú-Khi.  She opted to join them – and as bad
sometimes leads to worse, they soon came face to face with a thoroughly insane High One who was convinced he was
the king of all felines.  It was quite an interesting venture, but they finally left his “Highness’” company and continued their
nomadic roaming.  Eventually they stumbled upon a similarly nomadic Holt called Grand Illusions, and decided to hook up with them.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:            black and violet/bat winged cat


            HUMANS:            hates passionately

            TROLLS:            finds them amusing

            PRESERVERS:           indifferent

            OTHER ELVES:          generally open and loving towards

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Shadowmoon

GENDER:      male

COLOR:         black with green eyes

ANIMAL FRIEND/RIDE (SPECIFY WHICH IF APPLICABLE):            friend, snow leopard

NAME:           Khurrah

GENDER:      female

COLOR:         white with grey and black rosettes and blue eyes

ANIMAL FRIEND/RIDE (SPECIFY WHICH IF APPLICABLE):            friend, domestic cat

NAME:           Shalin

GENDER:      male

COLOR:         ebony with emerald eyes and shaped black iridescent bat wings