NAME:          Riot

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male


SOUL NAME:            Tyberius

KNOWN BY:                       himself

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):    various lovemates

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              21


HAIR:    chestnut brown, shoulder length, wavy,
worn loose with bangs in eyes

EYES: very dark brown, large, slightly slanted, wide set

SKIN TONE:                       dark tan (sun lover)

BODY TYPE:            wiry muscles but lean

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:            high cheekbones, snubbed nose, fill lips

CLOTHING:                       leopard skin vest and loincloth, sometimes wears black pants under

loincloth, black boots or barefoot

JEWELRY:  gold armband (left arm), gold neckband, gold hoop earring (left ear)

WEAPONS: sword, sling

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            none

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, stormsensing

SKILLS:       fighting, hunting, singing, ventriloquism, dancing, plays harp, acrobat, makes

weaponry when he has the materials, being ridiculously (not seriously) arrogant, flirting

FAMILY:     never talks about them

ORIGIN:      never mentioned

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Riot is very fun loving and mischievous. 
He loves tormenting the humans and scaring them with his ventriloquism.  Riot is a very caring
individual.  His arrogance is outrageous but all an act (everyone knows it) and is rarely obnoxious. 
Riot is an incorrigible flirt.  He loves women.  Riot can be a bit jealous but heís not the type who
throws a yelling fit at her or threatens the man.  Heís the type who pouts and sulks, but gets over it.
Riot is very impulsive and somewhat hot headed.  Heís an excellent fighter, but would rather not fight.
Riot would rather spend his time singing, dancing, sunbathing, and chasing women.  Riot isnít too
crazy over the fact that many of the elves in HGI like to travel at night, since he loves the sun so much.
Riot is loyal but he doesnít follow orders unquestioningly.  This got him in trouble sometimes back
at his old holt.  Riot is the type who follows his heart rather than his head.  This also gets him in trouble.
Never mentions why he left his old home and at so young an age.  Has a tender voice, very pleasant sounding.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:        none


            HUMANS:            fun to kill

            TROLLS:            has only heard stories

            PRESERVERS:        ick!

            OTHER ELVES:         very friendly, loves being around them

BOND BEAST:            tiger

NAME:          Rio

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        usual