NAME:            Raventhorn

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            Alara

KNOWN BY:                       herself, parents, brother, Ashwolf (Recognized lifemate)

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):    Ashwolf (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S):            Heronmyth (daughter)

AGE:              216

HEIGHT:     5’

HAIR:   dark cinnamon, ankle length, very curly
with bangs touching her brow, very full and soft. 
She’s a little vain about it

EYES:                        deep emerald forest, large and wide set, long dark brown lashes

SKIN TONE:                       honey tan

BODY TYPE:            buxom, rather curvy

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        none

CLOTHING:            knee length puffy sleeved black tunic worn off the shoulders over which is a

            sleeveless full emerald dress cut to navel, black girdle belt embroidered with silver and

            ruby.  She alternates just the tunic, or just the dress, or one of a few less favored outfits.

JEWELRY:  silver pentagram resting in the hollow of her throat, amethyst pendant on a longer


WEAPONS: no conventional weapons; defenses are magical ones

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            jewelry, ravens

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, plantshaper (found her command of foliage advantageous

in defense – with thorns, vines, tangle-vines, strangeweed, and briars)

SKILLS:       falconry (ravenry?), singing, dancing, cooking, storytelling

FAMILY:     parents deceased, Sablewolf (brother), Ashwolf (Recognized lifemate), Heronmyth

(daughter), Ashdawn (grandson)

ORIGIN:            wanderer

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Originally from a northern woodland holt until
a band of human marauders massacred her folk.  She and Sablewolf ran blindly – until they finally
collapsed from exhaustion.  They later returned, where they were met by a bloody carnage.  Everyone
seemed to have been murdered, save themselves, including her lovemate of many turns – Sweetriver. 
After a while, Sable’ returned from an exploration, dragging the unconscious but living form of his soul
brother Spidersilk.  They traveled a fair ways when again they were beset by men – this time aid came
in the form of a cat maiden.  She joined the small band and they traveled for six seasons.  Wherein they
were to meet a mad shaper who called himself the King of Cats before they finally happened upon
Holt of Grand Illusions.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:            emerald/silhouetted raven


            HUMANS:            intense hatred

            TROLLS:            thinks they’re ugly, but is otherwise indifferent

            PRESERVERS:        likes them at a distance

            OTHER ELVES:         is outgoing and loving toward them

BOND BEAST:            raven

NAME:          Kha

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        jet black plumage and eyes


NAME:          Sahrn

GENDER:     female

COLOR:        jet black plumage and eyes