NAME:            Raincaller

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female

pure blooded

SOUL NAME:            Edne

KNOWN BY:                       herself 

LIFE/LOVEMATE:                        none

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              122

HEIGHT:     3’11”

HAIR:   fine, flaxen colored, above shoulder length,
has a tendency to curl slightly, especially when wet

EYES:                        hazel, round and slightly slanted

SKIN TONE:   pale, but usually gets darker during the summer months

BODY TYPE:            slim, average bosom

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        none

CLOTHING:                       light buff colored fabric calf length dress slit open in the front from the hem

            to the belt and has long puffy sleeves captured at the wrist with leather thongs.  The hem

            has a dark blue stripe extending from the hem to about 2 inches up the dress.  Sash at waist

            with ornamental knotwork pattern sewn into it and tied so the loose ends are located behind

            her.  Sandals laced up to knees.  During the very hot days of summer, she wears a variation

            of this dress which is identical with the exception that it’s a sleeveless and off the shoulder

            with the hem well above the knee (almost miniskirt fashion) and has the same dark blue

            edging.  Sandals are either replaced by buff colored moccasins or she goes barefooted if the     
terrain will allow it.

JEWELRY:  none

WEAPONS: flint dagger, used primarily as a tool

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            rattle with clouds painted on it on a blue background

ABILITIES:            sending, stormseeing

SKILLS:            forecasting weather (ie. she is able to tell, either by her magic talent or from her

            skill at observing events if a storm is approaching); she is a poor hunter, but can do her

            share of preparing food.  She also dances.  Good with cubs and likes to cubsit.

FAMILY:            Windlyric (sister, deceased), Mistyeye (cousin), Gem Gem (cousin, deceased)

ORIGIN:            Forestdwellers Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            One of her personal possessions is a rattle with
clouds painted on it on a blue background, made by one of the tribe’s plantshapers.  She likes to rattle
it about, especially when she dances, but it holds no significance other than it’s fun to shake.  She is
fond of dancing, although she’s only average at the skill.  A carefree sort of individual, she will take
responsibilities to an extent and she will avoid accepting beyond that.  She has a high respect for the
Holt leaders and is thankful that it’s unlikely she’ll ever have to assume such a role.  She is a poor hunter,
the best she could catch is small game, and even that is rather difficult for her as she lacks the patience
 to be a good hunter.  Since she was unable to bring back game, she opted to be one of the Holt cooks,
and has done her job rather well!  Although not a culinary expert, she has dabbled around with the
difficult methods of preparing food.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:        none


            HUMANS:            holds nothing against them

            TROLLS:            holds nothing against them

            PRESERVERS:        will tolerate unless they start singing – then she plugs her ears and

runs like mad

            OTHER ELVES:         loves cubs and is more than willing to entertain them while their

                                    parents are busy elsewhere