NAME:             PhoenixFire (human name Oeni)

RACE:             elf

GENDER:              female


SOUL NAME:              Daeva

KNOWN BY:              herself, Jadeglow (Recognized lifemate), Blazingphoenix (sister), Tej’Ara (soul sister)

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH): Jadeglow (Recognized lifemate)

CUBS:             Morningstar (daughter), Lupine (son)

AGE:              389

HEIGHT:             5'6

HAIR:               platinum blonde (white) with reddish highlights, ankle length, straight, sidelocks wrapped in black cording with black and gold feathers at the end

EYES:              amethyst, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:              medium tan (light for a desert elf)

BODY TYPE:             slender, good muscle tone but still feminine, statuesque

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: crescent shaped scar at the base of skull and at

the base of her neck. They look like this: ( )

CLOTHING:              turquoise and iridescent violet preserver silk top suspended by a sleek silver

necklace, hip hugging black doeskin breeches, and on occasion wears matching boots

JEWELRY:              silver necklace, silver headband, two silver bracers

WEAPONS:             small boot dagger, short bow; will rely on whatever is handy. If all else fails, her

tiger will get them…or her sister will

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:  the feathers in her hair given by the human woman her raised her and

her sister

ABILITIES:   weak sending, animal bonding, rock shaping

SKILLS:              sewing, dancing, hunting, scribing, archery, and fletching

FAMILY:              Fairweather (mother- deceased), Lasz (father-deceased), BlazingPhoenix (twin

sister), Jadeglow (Recognized lifemate), Morningstar (daughter), Lupine (son), Tej'ara (soul

sister), Pava (adoptive human mother-deceased)

ORIGIN:            human village...though originally was born en route to desert elf holt. Doesn’t know

this though.

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: She was raised by humans and didn’t know much about
other elves, except Tej'ara and Blazing Phoenix. She is a loyal friend and a strong enemy. She does not
 fear what she doesn’t know. Will accept almost any the annoyance of her sister.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:  white and red, like her hair/ Flaming sacred bird of fevered dreams (the



HUMANS: They raised her, but she only held loyalty to the woman who raised her.     

                                    After her death, PhoenixFire holds no bonds to the humans.

TROLLS:     Never seen one before.

PRESERVERS:             Thinks they are a little noisy but okay to be around.

OTHER ELVES:              Kind and curious, not used to being around anyone other than her


BOND BEAST:              tiger

NAME:             Dark Thunder

GENDER:              female

COLOR:              white with black stripes