NAME:          Palú -Khi (Khi for short)

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female

tiger blooded

SOUL NAME:            n/a

KNOWN BY:                       n/a

Shadowmist (Recognized lifemate,

AGE:              98

HEIGHT:     5’4”

HAIR:                       bluish white, hangs raggedly to her buttocks, very soft and silky, quite full and

manelike, generally the same length so subsequently she has no bangs

EYES:                        vivid, almost molten gold rimmed and flecked by a warm umber, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       very pale, although it is hardly apparent as she is pelted

BODY TYPE:            lithely muscular, has the long symmetrical fluidity of a cat

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        elliptical pupils, an uncanny wavering

stare (that of a feline), scar running from just below her left hip down the length of her thigh

ending at the knee but can only be seen if her fur is parted or windblown, thick and soft blue

tinged-white fur with black stripes which is noticeably longer at her chest, forearms, calves,

and around her cheekbones and lower jaw.  Furred tail in the same manner and the fur puffs a

bit at the tip of it.

CLOTHING:                       soft sepia doeskin off the shoulder half tunic tied just under her breasts

            embroidered with silver in a vine design.  Wears what can be best described as a soft sepia

            doeskin g-string that hooks across her hips and around behind by a silver chain.  Also has a

            pair of skin tight sepia doeskin knee high boots with cream lacings.  Often, she will go

            without her boots and tunic, as her fur is actually more than sufficiently warm and protective.

JEWELRY:  heavy intricate silver collar with blood red stones set in it and pounded full moon

            pendants hanging from it, matching armbands, silver ring carved into the effigy of an

            enigmatic smiling cat’s face

WEAPONS: fangs and claws, longsword which has a tear shaped ruby set into its hilt

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            jewelry and her sword

ABILITIES:            strong sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:       cat like speed and grace coupled with her not inconsiderable strength make her a

deadly and efficient warrior and hunter.  Fighting, hunting, tracking, dancing, woodworking,

and to some extent, metalworking

FAMILY:     mother deceased and never known, Werkanth (father), Shadowmist (Recognized lifemate, deceased)

ORIGIN:      wanderer

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Palú –Khi was raised to be very self-assured and
strong.  The shock of her birth killed her mother, leaving only Werkanth, three quarters albino tiger himself,
 to raise her.  While he loved his cub, the only way he truly knew was more that of beast than elf.  After
rudimentary elven, he taught her the language of the feline, and how to hunt, scent, live, and love as a cat.
It was a life of freedom and peace for the young cat-woman.  As the years passed and she grew into a fine,
 strong female, the peace was abruptly shattered: humans captured them, and took immense pleasure in
conducting all manner of vile tortures.  Werkanth managed to escape, though seriously injured, and Palú
was left on her own.  The humans kept her for entertainment until, mercifully, one of the tribe’s young men
took pity on her and released her.  When she left, she carried the chieftain’s scalp as her prize.  Eventually,
after several years of solitude, she aided and joined three other elves, with whom she traveled to
Holt of Grand Illusions.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:            brown and crimson/blood red teardrop


            HUMANS:            hates any authoritative figures and will attack on sight.  She will give a young

                                    human a chance

            TROLLS:     she has no real opinion as she’s never seen one.  She is rather curious about


            PRESERVERS:            indifferent

            OTHER ELVES:         generally likes them, but woe unto the elf who insults her or hurts her


BOND BEAST:            tiger

NAME:          Firepaw

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        orange with white face, chest, and underbelly markings/black stripes; amber eyes


NAME:            Sharpclaws

GENDER:     female

COLOR:        smoky grey with large yellow/green eyes