NAME:              Orchid

RACE:             elf

GENDER:              female


SOUL NAME:              Badad

KNOWN BY:     no one other than herself

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):            very single

CUBS:             none

AGE:              231

HEIGHT:             5'6

HAIR:              Bright opalescent white, just below shoulders, full and thick, curls upward at the tips

EYES:              vibrant cerulean hue encircled by ice, wide, slanted; rimmed with thick inky black lashes

SKIN TONE:              medium honeyed tan

BODY TYPE:             slender and lithe, curvy in the right places. Feminine but well toned.

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:  4" scar across right hip

CLOTHING:           long sleeved body suit with removable overskirt attached by ornate belt. It is

a mix of carefully woven preserver silk and the softest of black leather (suede-like in

appearance rather than a shiny leather). The preserver silk is also black, but like the night

sky. It was woven to resemble the heavens above filled with glittery stars, as though she is

clothed in the stars themselves. Black thigh high boots with shin guards and knee covers,

matching the belt she wears. Occasionally wears the matching preserver cloak and white


JEWELRY:              only her belt and leg bracers

WEAPONS:              two katanas

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:     cloak, and anyone she considers a friend

ABILITIES:   powerful sending, animal bonding, magic feeling

SKILLS:  cloth weaving, seasoned swordsman, stealthy tracking, cooking (specialty jerky and

smoked meats)

FAMILY:  parents unknown and deceased, raised by a High One. An only child.

ORIGIN:   a glider mountain holt to the north

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Orchid was born shortly before her mother took her
last breath. She never knew who her parents were. The High One Na'jera kept the knowledge of them
 from her. But it was for the best. Though her parents had been purebloods, they had the manners of
trolls. Orchid was raised away from the others who were gliders. Na'jera didnít want the young one to
grow up to be as arrogant as the others. Orchid never possessed the ability glide, which made her a
target of the others. She has a deeply seeded dislike for them, but she doesnít hate them. Every glider
is treated the way they deserve to be. Reaver, her great eagle, was a departing gift from Na'jera

COLORS/SYMBOLS:  the starry night sky


            HUMANS: has never met one. She doesnít have much of an opinion of them.

            TROLLS:     same as humans

            PRESERVERS:             Na'jera has only told her stories of such things.

            OTHER ELVES:              She is somewhat reserved around them; polite, not too friendly.

BOND BEAST:              great eagle

NAME:             Reaver

GENDER:              female

COLOR:              black with white patch on forehead