NAME:            Nimblehand

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male

wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:         not revealed

KNOWN BY: himself, Timberlore (Recognized lifemate)

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                        Timberlore (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S):            Runeworm (son)

AGE:              39

HEIGHT:     3’6”

HAIR:  black, waist length, straight, occasionally
ties it back

EYES:  medium blue, round, almond shaped,
medium sized

SKIN TONE:                       light tan

BODY TYPE:            small, muscular, compact

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        dimple on left cheek

CLOTHING:                       light blue leather pants w/medium blue from mid-thigh down and diamond

            shapes inset onto outer legs, tucked into grey-blue lace up ankle boots with separate big toes,

            short leather lace up vest that’s light blue at top and medium blue toward bottom with two

            black diamond shape insets (one on front and one on back), blue-grey forearm guards, has

            thickly padded shoulder perch and heavy padded leather glove for Cloudracer.  Occasionally

            wears white cloth wrap style shirt with armguards over long sleeves.

JEWELRY:  none

WEAPONS: flint knife, sling, traps, whip, snares, claw hooks made of longtooth claws

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            claw hooks, set of onyx game tiles (like dominoes)

ABILITIES:            sending, probably latent animal bonding

SKILLS:       spying, picking pockets, making mischief, uses snares and traps instead of hunting,

tinkering and inventing things, gambling, tricking trolls

FAMILY:     Littlelark (mother, deceased), Silvertooth (father), Darkweb (1/2 brother), Littlestorm

(aunt), Caydeg (uncle), Storm’s Fury (grandfather, deceased), Caylah (grandmother, deceased), Timberlore (Recognized lifemate), Runeworm (son)

ORIGIN:      Bright Mountain Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Nimblehand is much like his father in personality:
fun loving, cheerful, keenly intelligent, and very resourceful.  He has near total recall memory (he would
 make a great Holt historian!).  He remembers nearly everything he sees and hears.  Since one of his
favorite past times is spying on adults, this ability is less than admired by some of the Elders.  Extremely
 curious about everything and likes to explore where he shouldn’t be.  He is seldom very serious.  Other
 fun for Nimblehand includes maiden watching, picking pockets to prove he can do it, raiding the
dreamberries, and trying to figure out flying.  This last is due to his natural curiosity and envy of gliders.
He is more interested in adventures than in Holt affairs, and spends most of his time in coming up with
 new ways to be a nuisance, but can con his way out of a resulting predicament.  He can usually be found
 in the company of other mischief makers.  His claw hooks are used primarily for treeclimbing, but can be
 used as a weapon – he hopes to have metal ones someday.  Left Bright Mountain with Grimlock and Ironfist
 to explore.  He’s known Suneagle and Snowcrystal all his life.  Loves dreamberries!!!!!

COLORS/SYMBOLS:            blue/none


            HUMANS:            doesn’t care either way.  In future will enjoy spying on them with Silvertooth

            TROLLS:            fun!  Loves to play tricks on and filch from, but is very cautious dealing with

them.  War with them in his birth holt proved them to be very dangerous.

            PRESERVERS:            nuisances, wishes they didn’t exist because they used to swarm

through is birth holt gooing everything in sight, carting off anything they can

carry.  You don’t want to be there when this happens or you might wind up

wrapped to a tree or something.

            OTHER ELVES:         The more the merrier!  Can be found in the company of other

pranksters, joining in on their fun.


NAME:            Cloudracer

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        black, brown, and white