NAME:            Nightchant (Scathach)

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female

pure blooded

SOUL NAME:            Tanoan

KNOWN BY:  herself, Treeshade (Recognized mate, deceased)

LIFE/LOVEMATE(S):         Treeshade (Recognized mate, deceased),
 but had nothing to do with him; whomever is interested now

CUB(S):       Sundance (daughter)

AGE:              728

HEIGHT:     4’9”

HAIR: very red, spills to her calves, straight, often pulled
straight back into a ponytail

EYES:                        cobalt blue, wide, large, intelligent

SKIN TONE:                       peaches and cream

BODY TYPE:            strong wiry muscles, busty, narrow hips

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        missing left hand and ½ of forearm. Alto

            soprano type voice, very clear tones, rich timber

CLOTHING:                       buckskin fringed halter, very brief black shorts hidden under a buckskin short

            wraparound skirt with quill bead “thunderbird” on the front, buckskin moccasins

JEWELRY:  two quill bead and feather upper armbands (one per arm), pentacle amulet, thin round

            silver headband with silver etched circular centerpiece with symbol, maple wood filigree

            forearm band to hide her scars, small leather bag on strap under shirt that contains small


WEAPONS: light one handed “katana-like” single edged sword, two throwing daggers, used to be

            good with a bow but can’t use it now.  Has a small lightweight shield

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:     her daughter, weapons, amulet, medicine bag, chunk of raw turquoise

ABILITIES:            very strong sender, animal bonding

SKILLS:       hunting, warrior, singing, quill bead making, jewelry making, knaps and makes

            arrows (after losing her hand she learned to hold what she’s working on with her toes so she

            won’t become “useless”)

FAMILY:     never mentioned; Sundance (daughter)

ORIGIN:      not mentioned

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Nightchant doesn’t say much about her old home,
but it was a fairly peaceful holt.  Most of their culture split between the artists, the hunter-gatherers, and
the warriors of dance.  The warriors of dance combined dance and the martial arts.  Nightchant was part of
 that faction.  For a long time, they were at peace with the trolls.  Nightchant Recognized Treeshade, a very
 arrogant gardener, whom she disliked.  She did her “duty” regardless.  In the beginning of her second turn
 of pregnancy, the peace with the trolls ended and battles ensued.  Though pregnant, she fought as she was
 a “squad leader.”  She saw Treeshade cut down, but wasn’t too concerned (though it hurt her soul badly). 
She and the warriors of dance “held the fort” while their people evacuated.  Hindered by a fat belly, she
ended up losing her arm.  She escaped on wolf back, but was separated from her people.  She was found
by a tribe of humans who cauterized her arm, saving her life.  They named her Scathach.  She stayed with
 them for several years until she adjusted, Sundance was born, and grew a bit.  She decided to try and find
 her people so she left her human friends.  Nightchant, upon finding HGI, decided to stay.  The loose group
 of elves was a real adjustment after being from a rigid society, she likes it here.  Nightchant fell instantly
in lust with Shadowmist, but hasn’t done anything about it (doesn’t know what to make of him, but knows
what she wants to do with him).  Nightchant is very friendly and helpful.  Doesn’t like to be thought of as
a cripple and will strike whoever suggests it.  Nightchant has a noble, classy air around her, but isn’t haughty.
She is lusty and likes to drink.  She is fascinated by the Nightdancers because of their similarity to the
warriors of dance.  She wants to know more about them.  Nightchant keeps up her dance and her warrior
skills.  She is strong and has lots of endurance.  She loves her child but can’t relate to her or control her. 
She has trouble showing her love, as whenever she looks into Sundance’s face, she sees Treeshade’s eyes.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:            none


            HUMANS:            Treats them as individuals; knows that some are bad, but they saved her life

            TROLLS:            Hates, they destroyed her home, but won’t attack on sight

            PRESERVERS:            Doesn’t mind them

            OTHER ELVES:         Very friendly with

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:          Wolfsong

GENDER;     female

COLOR:        pale grey

ANIMAL FRIEND/RIDE (SEPCIFY WHICH):            tabby cat

NAME:          Frisky

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        orange-white