NAME:            Morrigan

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female

PURE/ANIMAL BLOODED (IF ANIMAL, SPECIFY WHICH):            panther blooded

SOUL NAME:            none

KNOWN BY:                       n/a

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                Meanstreak (lovemate), Loremaster


CUB(S):       none

AGE:              young adult

HEIGHT:     4’6”

HAIR:                       deep black, just below knees, straight, always wild looking, slightly unkempt with

            spiky ends

EYES:                        emerald green, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       medium tan

BODY TYPE:            athletic, muscular

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        deep set eyes, ambidextrous

CLOTHING:                       usually black leather pretty abused halter type top with equally abused

            shorts, black leather boots above knees, belt, and fingerless gloves

JEWELRY:  none

WEAPONS: always carries matched pair of daggers in belt, hunts with feather decorated spear,

            and is proficient with most edged weapons

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                 none

ABILITIES:            strong sending, animal bonding, latent limited shapechanging (to bird)

SKILLS:            hunting, tracking, swordplay

FAMILY:            Windchime (mother), Nightraven (father)

ORIGIN:      Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Morrigan loves sharp, shiny things, and sticking
 them into enemies (ie. humans) even more.  She spends most of her spare time when the Holt is between
 battles in weapons and unarmed combat drills.  To be her lifelong friend, show her a new edged weapon
 that’s new to her!  Like her father, she’s not especially social.  Her habit of speaking her mind will never
win her Miss Congeniality.  If she dislikes you, you’ll find her to be a bitch.  But, if she’s your friend, you’ll
have her absolute loyalty.  This sense of loyalty does extend to the entire Holt during battles.

COLORS/YMBOLS:        none


            HUMANS:            “Let’s find lots of them – I need the target practice!”

            TROLLS:            “They may be big, greedy, and ugly, but they forge some great weapons! 

            PRESERVERS:     mild nuisance, unless they sing – then MAJOR nuisance

            OTHER ELVES:         Takes them individually for the most part.  New sparring partners

                                                (or those wanting to learn) are always welcome.  “Nightdancers”

                                                and the other “snob warrior caste” –types are especially welcome –

                                                she’d enjoy pounding their superior attitudes into leafmold.

BOND BEAST:            panther

NAME:                      Macha

GENDER:                 female

COLOR:                    black (of course)