NAME:             MorningStar

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female

  wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:              Byakko

KNOWN BY:              parents

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):    none, still a cub

CUBS:           none

AGE:              6/adult

HEIGHT:             growing/ 4'9

HAIR:  dark reddish brown with fiery red highlights
(like motherís) and platinum blonde bangs and
waist length, very straight, thick, and shiny

EYES:  luminescent blue that take on more of a reddish
purple iridescent sheen when seen from
certain angles,
wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:  medium tan year round

BODY TYPE: willowy, agile, lightly toned but not muscular

 double-jointed, extremely
flexible, eyes framed by
thick red-gold lashes tipped with platinum

CLOTHING:  Various outfits. Favorite style: sleeveless thigh
length tunic worn with pants, boots
just below the knees,
and fingerless gloves.

JEWELRY:              none

WEAPONS:              dagger and a whip

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:              her family

ABILITIES:               sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:  stealth. Learning swimming, scouting, hunting,
archery, knife throwing, sewing and

FAMILY: PhoenixFire (mother), Jadeglow (father),
Lupine (brother), BlazingPhoenix (aunt), 
Ravin-Hawk (aunt- Dark Canyon Holt), Jade (grandmother - deceased), Duskfire
(grandfather - missing), Lasz (grandfather -deceased),
Fairweather (grandmother- deceased),  Pava
(adoptive human grandmother- deceased)

ORIGIN:  Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: A happy energetic wildchild, but behaves around her parents
and a small group of adults. Often goes looking for trouble. But wont do anything that would get someone else
 hurt. Likes to go and do stuff with some of the other cubs. Very curious about how to do stuff. If she sees an
adult do something she considers neat, she will follow them around until they teach her.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:  black opals/ blue with iridescent reddish violet sheen.


            HUMANS: dislikes

            TROLLS:  hasnít really seen any.

            PRESERVERS: ďI donít hear anythingĒ (big grin)

            OTHER ELVES:  Usually gets along with them. Loves being around other cubs.