NAME:            Moonhuntress

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:         Syrh

KNOWN BY:            Moonlight (mother). Possibly her father

LIFE\LOVEMATE:            none

CUB(S):       none

AGE:  10

HEIGHT:     still growing

HAIR:           silver, mid-back length, slightly shaggy, thins below shoulders, headband

EYES:            med. blue-green, wide, slanted, large

SKIN TONE:           pale, hardly tans

BODY TYPE:            slender, no muscles yet, might become feminine as adult

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:            looks very much like her mother, except her eyes

CLOTHING:           dark blue loose short top w\short sleeves and decorated w\a white moon on the front,

dark green pants w\dark blue patches on the knees (right one bigger than the left) and are a little bit short

because she's growing out of them, dark blue and green knee-high boots  

JEWELRY:  dark blue cloth headband

WEAPONS: self made short spear w\stone tip

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:     her mother's hunting knife, bow, and some jewelry but never uses them

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, magic feeling

SKILLS:       gifted spear maker, hunting, tracking, stealth, excellent night vision, understands a little bit of

the dance of the moon and the stars. Skills might improve and she may learn more skills as she grows up

FAMILY:     Moonlight (mother, deceased), Oren (father), Dreamlight (adoptive mother)

ORIGIN:      Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Moonlight did not tell anyone who the father of her child

was; and he didn't show up until now. Moonlight was a loner and gave birth to her cub when she was alone in the

woods and was unfortunately attacked by a young sabertooth. She defended her newborn with her knife and

killed the beast, but was mortally wounded and died before the healer could get to her. The Holt raised

Moonhuntress, at first calling her Two-Moons because she was born at night during the full moons.

Moonhuntress looks very much like her mother, making it hard to guess who the father might be, and the

Holt and cub gave up trying.  Moonhuntress soon discovered her talent for hunting and spear making. After

she made her first kill (it was some kind of pig) with her self-made short spear, she shared it with the Holt

and was named Moonhuntress. Again, it was a night with both moons full. Moonhuntress doesn't care much

for her clothes, hair, etc., so she often runs around a little bit ragged until someone can catch her and care for

her. Like her mother, she seems to be a loner and spends most of her time riding through the jungle around the

Holt on her wolf friend. The Holt lets her go because she's already very careful and doesn't get into trouble

that she can't solve. She also likes to play with the other cubs of the Holt from time to time. Moonhuntress

doesn't speak about her parents, but she is proud of her mother who gave her life to save her. Obviously, only

her father didn't want her. She doesn't wonder anymore who he might be, but secretly she really wants to

know and why he didn't care about her. The girl often wonders how she might react if her father showed upů

but she really doesn't know what she'd do. Since she was raised by the Holt, Moonhuntress has a very strong

bond to it and regards everyone as family. She likes to watch the moons and the stars and is fascinated by

their dance.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:            dark blue and dk. green\white moon (like on her top)


            HUMANS:   tries to stay away from them.

            TROLLS:     ugly creatures, tries to stay away from them

            PRESERVERS:            cute, funny, but crazy bugs

            OTHER ELVES:            her "family," likes to be with them

BOND BEAST:       wolf

NAME:          Startwinkle

GENDER:     male

COLOR:            grey, lighter patch on forehead in the shape of a star