NAME:            Moonflame

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male

wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:            Sypher

KNOWN BY:                       himself

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                none serious

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              530

HEIGHT:     4’2”

HAIR:                       dark walnut brown,
mid back length, shaggy, topknot

EYES: steel grey, narrow, slightly slanted

SKIN TONE:  light tan

BODY TYPE:            very strong but not beefy, roundly muscled through chest and arms

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        thin dark brown mustache and

            shaggy beard (Bearclaw type), many scars but none that are very noticeable     

CLOTHING:                       black sleeveless tunic, open to navel with jagged bottom hanging to hips,

            dark brown pants or dark brown bikini briefs under tunic, black boots or barefoot

JEWELRY:  gold hoop earring in left ear, gold neckband

WEAPONS: bow (made himself), long dagger called Sharpclaw (was his father’s)

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            none

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, finding (water and dreamberries are his specialty)

SKILLS:            hunting, tracking, survival skills, some herbal knowledge (but not an active

            herbalist), making arrows and bows, carves wood (on occasion), wrestling, stealing,

            gambling, double talk, BSing, getting into and out of trouble, consuming dreamberries

            (very good at it), ask the ladies about the rest

FAMILY:            Moonspinner (mother, challenged the chief, lost and left in anger), Quickflame

            (father, loved to tease the humans and ended up being killed by them), Nightsong

            (younger sister)

ORIGIN:            Forestdwellers Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Moonflame is very friendly and outgoing,
almost hyperactive; hates having nothing to do, likes to be in on things, something of a gossip hound
(though he doesn’t spread it himself), always on the prowl for trouble he can get into, always ready for
a gambling game, dreamberries, a roll in the bedfurs, or any form of misadventure.  Very quick witted
and alert.  Very much a scoundrel, loves to gamble, steal, drink, and join.  He’s a terrible scamp, forever
 getting himself into and out of trouble unscathed.  Not very loud (except when howling or swearing) but
 very noticeable.  Exceptionally proud of his wolf blood and loves to howl.  Moonflame is a very swift and
strong runner, and can run for great distances before exhausting himself.  He has a very keen sense of
smell.  He is something of a laughable buffoon, but it is all an act, mostly a dodge to make people
underestimate him.  Has a very sharp mind.  Has a blatant disrespect for authority but will listen to reason.
Very much an impudent devil.  Had a falling out with his mother over her challenging the chief.  He believed
 it to be wrong and had no desire to be chief after her.  Is very close to his sister and loves to tease her. 
Has no desire to lead or take on any responsibilities that would put a crink in his carefree life.  In his spare
 time, Moonflame loves to carve wood.  He knows plantshapers can do it faster, but he finds great joy in
carving.  A pet project of Moonflame’s is to change all shy or melancholy or quiet elves into happy, outgoing
 people.  He can’t understand why anyone would be quiet, shy, or depressed, and doesn’t realize they just
 might be happy that way.  Moonflame is slightly prejudiced against pure blooded elves.  He tries to be
friends but has no patience with their mistakes and tends to blame things on them because they don’t
have the bonus of animal blood.



            HUMANS:            Dislikes them greatly, but loves to torment them and steal things from

them (learned this from his father)

            TROLLS:            Dislikes them too but not as much as humans; will gamble with them but

                                    very likely to cheat, steals outright, too.

            PRESERVERS:     They had better keep their distance

            OTHER ELVES:         Very friendly but has no patience with pure blooded elves

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:                      Stormhowl

GENDER:                 male

COLOR:                    grey with black swirls