NAME:             Manta

RACE:             elf

GENDER:             female


SOUL NAME:             unrevealed

KNOWN BY:     herself

LIFE\LOVEMATE(S):            Jadedbow (lovemate)

CUB(S):             none

AGE:             150

HEIGHT:             4’5"

HAIR:             periwinkle, mid back length,
curls with bangs, pulls some of her hair
pulled up in a

EYES:             light blue with pinkish flecks, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:             light tan

BODY TYPE:             very curvy and well built in breast area

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:           one long scar across her entire back

            from a sea creature, very agile, smooth rounded facial shape, hair color (she has no idea

how or why it’s that color, been that way for as long as she can remember), occasionally

paints her body in various washable colors and dyes (none permanent)

CLOTHING:           always has nothing much on but she has a bikini bottom with a sheer black

            cloth over it. She has different halter tops with one strap. She almost always wears black as

a main             color. If she usually uses another color its dark blue or purple.

JEWELRY:             always gold or seashells, Vast Deep jewels necklace; has many seashells hanging

out of her braids

WEAPONS:             long large gold spear, throwing stars made out of seashells she carries in a pouch at

            her waist

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: just her seashells and a few Vast Deep jewels she has for a necklace,
her seashell throwing stars

ABILITIES:             sending, animal bonding, animal empathy (close contact can pick up on feelings and

emotions), bone shaping

SKILLS:             hunting, weapon making, survival skills, tracking

FAMILY:             Shellbell (mother) died when she was 9 turns of age, others unknown

ORIGIN:             Unknown; she and her mother were runaways and Manta was never told from

where.  She is a lost elfin cub who, without her mother, has lived alone on and in the Vast Deep.

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Manta grew up alone and never met another elf she became
 close to many animals and found out early she is empathetic with them, understanding how they feel. She
lost her mother, an outcast of some tribe, and Manta never was told where they were from. Manta has lived
 with a shoal of stingtails (manta rays) since she was 20 turns old and she bonded with a one. She has now
left to wander the land, her stingtail kin having all died out. She had this urge to find others of her kind, so
 she set her feet back upon the land. Soon she found this group of travelers. Will occasionally paint her
body in various colors, though nothing permanent, just for fun.

COLORS\SYMBOLS: she is always in black and always has seashells about her to remind her

of her home.


HUMANS: she is very scared of them and in awe at the same time but hides from them

when she is alone .

TROLLS: Never met one…

PRESERVERS: adorable creatures, but never seen one till she came to the Holt

OTHER ELVES: Very happy to meet other elves - never seen any before now

BOND BEAST:             none currently, will eventually bond with a land animal