NAME:        Lyolis

RACE:          elf

GENDER:   female


SOUL NAME:           none

KNOWN BY:                    n\a

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):              Nemesis (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S):      Otter (son)

AGE:                                   about 4000

HEIGHT:   5'8"

HAIR:                     dark fiery red, mid-back length, wavy

EYES:                     dark blue-green, narrow, slanted

SKIN TONE:           tan, obviously originally fair, but tanned from being in the sun too much

BODY TYPE:           slender, lithe, not overly muscular

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:           long visible scar on left thigh

CLOTHING:           dark blue linen loincloth and halter top, beige knee-length moccasins, yellow headkerchief,

black fur armbands on both upper arms and matching wristbands

JEWELRY:           two copper earrings with two small black feathers in each ear

WEAPONS:           long spear, bow


ABILITIES:           sending, animal bonding, magic feeling, strong levitation and gliding

SKILLS:      hunting, fighting (needs practice with the bow), human lore, human language, giant hawk riding

FAMILY:    hardly remembers her parents - too long ago. Nemesis (Recognized lifemate), Otter (son)

ORIGIN:           wandering tribe of hawk bonding pure bloods

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:           Riding a giant hawk, Lyolis discovered a desert
long ago, and not knowing what it was, flew in to explore it. She noticed the danger of the intense heat
too late, and fell unconscious as the result of a sunstroke. Next thing she knew, she was lying on the
sand some feet away from her hawk (with some spears in it) and surrounded by humans before she
passed out again. She awoke in a human desert-village, learning she was now the prisoner of the tribe,
who thinks her a wind spirit they must keep in order to have good winds. Several tried to escape end
with her left leg sliced up and finally a permanent chain around her legs. The human chief decided to
produce human-spirit hybrids to gain control over the weather.  A task that failed, of course, but that
didn't prevent them from trying. Lyolis suffered this for several hundred turns before she was rescued
by a band of elves. She joined them, but after a while, she left them again for a reason unknown to even
herself. Some kind of unrest she must follow.   Whatever emotional life Lyolis has had, it has been consumed
almost completely by her hate for humans. Her (nearly) only thoughts are to survive and kill as many
humans as possible. The concept of joining is disgusting to her, and she doesn't understand how others
could do this voluntarily. At the same time, she suspects something isn't right with her. She tries to avoid
 company and is not very friendly. She never smiles. When ambushing humans sometimes an evil grin will
 show, but she is not sadistic; she kills quickly. A special form of her levitation power she developed is the
 "Dancing Sword," which makes it dangerous for her foe to carry a sword; it will fight its wielder for "itself."


COLORS\SYMBOLS:       fiery red\hawk



           HUMANS:           CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY! WIPE OUT!!!!!

           TROLLS:           make good weapons. Met one once who fought humans as well)

           PRESERVERS:       can be useful, but most times are annoying

OTHER ELVES:           good when they fight humans, tries to convince others to as well. Not very social


BOND BEAST:           giant hawk

NAME:                   Leaper

GENDER:   male

COLOR:      dark brown