NAME:                   Lurid

RACE:                     elf

GENDER:           male

tiger blood

SOUL NAME:          Roch

KNOWN BY:             himself,
Willowsap, Fidget (soul-brother)

LIFE/LOVEMATE(S):  Willowsap
 (occasional lovemate), Crestmoon

CUB(S):               none

AGE:                                  170

HEIGHT:           5'0"

HAIR:                     dark brown,
falls to earlobes, slightly wavy and
wild, parted just in the front, has a
 small cow lick in the very front

EYES:                     blue-green,
wide and cat-like, thickly lashed,
almond shaped

SKIN TONE:  really pale hence his name

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES: small triangle shaped tuft of face fur under his bottom lip

CLOTHING:  long sleeved tunic with short sleeved tunic over it, long pants, and sturdy calf boots.
In colder weather adds a cloak Colors are in black and orange

JEWELRY:  silver waist chain that hangs to his knees

ABILITIES:  good sending range, animal bonding, really strong plantshaping

SKILLS:  growing plants, carving pumpkins, molding wood, shaping tree homes, making
various objects from wood

FAMILY:  open, Fidget (soul-brother)

ORIGIN:  never mentioned

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:  Lurid is very odd. Tends to pull away from people
 then be around them. Almost never serious except when it comes to his music. Somewhat busy-headed
 when it comes to remembering things except lyrics to his songs. Isn't a violent person at all, and is very
 friendly once you get to know him. Sometimes puts on a false front to protect himself from others. Has
had very few lovemates in his life and hopes to keep it that way due to him being frightened that they'll
come between him and his music. Very close to Fidget, and is upset that he has screwed up his chances
to get along with Bangle. Once he had mentioned something to a friend of Bangle's that she was quite
childish and immature, and since then, Bangle has either avoided him or been extremely cold towards
him. Hopes one day she'll let him apologize.




    HUMANS:  tries to stay away from them

    TROLLS:  gets along with them for the most part

    PRESERVERS:  likes'em is quite fond of them

    OTHER ELVES: gets along with most when he talks to them



NAME:             Skyflame

GENDER:  female

COLOR:  normal