NAME:             Lupine  

RACE:             elf

GENDER:            male


SOUL NAME:             Yuri

KNOWN BY:             parents

LIFE\LOVEMATE(S):            none

CUB(S):             none

HEIGHT:             growing \ 4'8"'

AGE: cub (10)

HAIR: ashen blond, lots of red highlights, two to three different lengths, bangs end at his nose,

then a new layer below ends mid back and the last of it falls to his rump. Very thick, wears

down with a headband

EYES:             lupine, golden/green, very wolfish in shape

SKIN TONE:             very pale, shade skips, (eggshell pale)

BODY TYPE:             thin and twiggy \ strong chest and arms, nice torso

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:           his eyes and his smile (its killer)

CLOTHING:  Favorite thing to wear: tan, lightweight, one sided wrap hooded shirt with light

green trim and thick hunter green triangle patterns around rim; tight fitting hunter green

pants tucked into knee boots that are tied around the ankle; tan elbow length fingerless

gloves.            Colors are usually: Tan, Black, green, gray and light to dark blues.

JEWELRY:   bone earring in his right ear, wooden wolf head pendant, carved by his father. 

WEAPONS:             ready handed with a bow and arrow whip, learning sword

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:     his bow, his parents, and his little sister (loves her to death)

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, underdeveloped magic feeling

SKILLS:            learning hunting, tracking and stealth, already good at hiding, finding rare plants,

climbing, scouting, scavenging, firestarting (big bad thing), annoying Harvestgold

(someone can finally do it) and watching younger cubs (someone had to baby sit while

parents were out)

FAMILY:              PhoenixFire (mother), Jadeglow (father), Morningstar (sister), BlazingPhoenix

(aunt), Ravin-Hawk (aunt- Dark Canyon Holt) Jade (grandmother - deceased) Duskfire

            (grandfather - missing) Lasz (grandfather -deceased) Fairweather (grandmother- deceased)

            Pava (adoptive human grandmother- deceased)

ORIGIN:             Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: Lupine is a very active cub and is always seen
wandering in and about the Holt proper. Usually with some sort of rope and climbing materials.
He loves to climb. Loves  heights and will jump at the chance to be taken deep into the forest.
Likes learning new things and will usually only ask once, but if he doesn't like the answer will follow
 that person around until they do say yes, or threaten him. Has found out a great way to annoy
Harvestgold and does it well, preservers stick to Lupine like glue- so Lupine sticks to Harvestgold
like honey. Enjoys every minute of running, as he knows the elder hates animal bloods. Watches out
 for his sister on a daily basis loves her to death, would do anything to keep her safe. Sometimes
Lupine can be seen in the bushes ahead making sure there is nothing in the way that will harm her.
Is very well behaved when around his mother and father but is usually in some sort of trouble when
they are not around! Is best friends with DarkDesire and Sapphire. Likes Lurid and is trying to learn
to play the lute too.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:             Green/Triangle


            HUMANS:            hasn't seen one yet

            TROLLS:             likes Broketooth hasn't met any others

            PRESERVERS:     has one attached to him

            OTHER ELVES:             Likes them, except Harvestgold

BOND BEAST:            None


NAME:            Swirlpine

GENDER:            n\a

HEIGHT:            6"

COLORS:             Body- Light green, eyes; jade and hunter green, wings yellow with swirls of greens