NAME:           Loremaster

RACE:          elf

GENDER:   male

   wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:           Mrlen

KNOWN BY:           himself, family, Morrigan
(soul sister)


CUB(S):      none

AGE:            adult

HEIGHT:   4'8"

HAIR:           mahogany with white streak
through front left side, mid-back length, topknot, flowing

EYES:          violet, narrow, slanted

SKIN TONE:           light golden tan          

BODY TYPE:           slender, more
aesthete than athlete

mahogany mustache and goatee

CLOTHING:           sleeveless tunic with vertical green and tan stripes, med. brown leather belt, med.

brown pants with a lot of wear on the knees, calf high med. Brown suede boots with cuffs.

Utility knife on belt, often carries a worn med. Brown leather knapsack

JEWELRY:           small gold hoop earring, just big enough to circle left ear

WEAPONS:           quarterstaff capped with iron at both ends, utility knife, longbow for hunting

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:           his collected "notebooks" relating to his hobby

ABILITIES:           sending, very strong magic feeling, animal bonding, weak rockshaping

SKILLS:      writing, drawing, mapmaking, using a system of symbols developed by his father which he

                       has expanded upon, singing, playing stringed instruments, excellent memory (especially for

stories and songs), gambling, hunting, fishing.

FAMILY:           Silvermist (mother), Willowsage (father)

ORIGIN:    Holt of Grand Illusions


PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:        Loremaster and Morrigan are almost the same

age, and their mothers are soul sisters. They were raised together and were extremely close, being

playmates, best friends, casual lovemates, and partners-in-crime over the turns. In his youth, Loremaster

is very much the smart aleck and fun loving.  Although he is wolf blooded, he takes more after his pure

blooded mother's side of the family. He can fight, but is much more of a thinker. His hobby is rooting out

bits of old legends, stories, songs, and artifacts - any ancient knowledge that might have belonged to the

Firstcomers. After losing his soulsister, he spends more time pursuing this, and can usually be found

investigating caverns or shaped trees, any place where old magic might remain. His mother gave him his

name because of his interest. Will gladly participate in DANCING if he's out of his caves enough to

know about it.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:       none


                      HUMANS:           very low opinion, actually

                      TROLLS:           wary, and respectful of the dangers of encountering them underground

                      PRESERVERS:       is fascinated by what they could tell him, but can only stand their

company       for short stretches.

                      OTHER ELVES:       friendly to most in his youth; will be more withdrawn in adulthood

simply because he's busy. Will relish opportunities to share old songs and