NAME:            Longshot

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female

pure blooded

SOUL NAME:            Loll

KNOWN BY:   herself, ScreamingEagle 
(daughter), Arrow (soul sister)

Tigersun (Recognized lifemate, deceased)

CUB(S):            Ashwolf (son), 
ScreamingEagle (daughter)

AGE:              617

HEIGHT:     4’8”

HAIR:                       dark red, flows to ankles, 
braid from nape of her neck to hips, rest flows 

and then tied off at end, sidelocks twisted 
with blue thong with two feathers attached

EYES:    medium brown with yellow flecks, 
wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       lightly tanned

BODY TYPE:            slender and leggy

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        sad eyes, right leg is about an inch

longer than left, has a long scar from knee to ankle on back of left leg, high cheekbone

CLOTHING:                       light green sleeveless wrap around bodysuit, dark green veil (always

worn!), dark green knee high boots

JEWELRY:  only jewelry she will always wear is a gold armband on her upper right arm with a

horse face engraved on it, will occasionally wear earrings and other jewelry during

special occasions

WEAPONS: whip, longsword, longbow with quiver of green fletched arrows

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            memories of her deceased lifemates and her cubs

ABILITIES:            sharp sending (can hurt for those with underdeveloped sending)

SKILLS:            tanning, hunting, fighting, warrior, tracker, archer, cook, herbal knowledge, plays

flute, not a good runner or dancer

FAMILY:            Tigersun (Recognized lifemate, deceased), ScreamingEagle (daughter), Ashwolf

(son), Heronmyth (granddaughter), Fountainbraid (granddaughter, deceased), Ashdawn

(great grandson)

ORIGIN:      name not mentioned, currently Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Longshot was born and raised in a desert-like holt.
 When she was 21, she suffered minor injuries and was crippled. She still has a slight limp in her left
leg. For the longest time, she let others fend and provide for her, not picking up a single weapon for
over 500 turns. Then one day she got into a fight with an elf named Rainbowglint over her weakness.
Longshot lost her temper and almost killed Rainbowglint. After a discussion with the chief, she was
forced to leave and was told that she would be killed if she ever returned. Longshot stabbed the chief
 and left the holt. She wandered for many turns before she came to Holt of Grand Illusions. Since her
journey began, she re-learned how to fight and survive. She is an excellent sportsman and very rarely
misses her targets. Very sure of herself. Proud and forward. She has an aura of sadness around her.
Speaks in a soft tone. Has a temper that causes her to send sharply.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     green\her veil and bracelet


HUMANS:   hates them with a passion. Does not hesitate to kill one, unless it is a defenseless child or

TROLLS:     doesn’t know much about the crafty metalworkers. Likes the trinkets they create. 
Friends with Broketooth.

PRESERVERS:            Thinks the little pests should be dropped on a desert island! Hates their
shrill voices and can’t understand a word they’re saying. Knows there is some reason
for their existence, but wishes they’d stay away from her.

OTHER ELVES:            likes the company of others, bur prefers to spend some of her time alone.
 Very jealous of elves who can dance.


NAME:            Nightfrost

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        black with white spots on back and feet