NAME:            Littlewolf

RACE:           elf (though sometimes isn’t sure)

GENDER:     male

pure blooded

SOUL NAME:            unrevealed

KNOWN BY:                       no one


CUB(S):       none

AGE:              3

HEIGHT:     2’6”

HAIR:   black-blue with silver highlights,
mid calf length, very jagged, topknot

EYES:  black with gold specks, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:    light

BODY TYPE:      slender to thin

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        none

CLOTHING:            dark green loincloth

JEWELRY:  gold hairband, gold wristband, gold neckband

WEAPONS:            anything he can pick up, will use his teeth a lot

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            none

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:       highly developed sense of smell

FAMILY:            Quicksilver (mother, deceased), Freeheart (father), Outseeker (grandmother),

Hytal (grandfather, deceased), Twilightash (aunt), Truemark (uncle), Torchsong (cousin),

Thistlelake (cousin), Winterwolf (uncle)

ORIGIN:            wanderer

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Very young and doesn’t have much of a personality
yet. L’tlwolf seems confused sometimes as to who he is. He was raised by a female wolf from birth.
Sometimes he seems more wolf than elf. Freeheart gets a big kick out of seeing him howl like a wolf
blooded elf. His hair has never been cut and it’s not very well taken care of but he’s so cute that no one
 seems to care. He is very playful and always seems to want to be in the front of a battle. He’s too small
to do anything but get hurt, but Freeheart sees the Outseeker in him.



            HUMANS:            to be killed, says Grandmother

            TROLLS:            don’t know

            PRESERVERS:     can be fun

            OTHER ELVES:         tall, but can be fun

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Whitewise

GENDER:     male

COLOR:            black with white lightning bolt streak down right flank