NAME:            Littlestorm                            TRUE NAME:          Sarlah

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            n/a

KNOWN BY:                       n/a

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                Shades-of-Grey (Recognized lovemate)


AGE:              14\adult

HEIGHT:            growing\5’5”

HAIR:                       very pale strawberry blonde, rump length, wavy, loose with bangs held back by

leather headband\knee length

EYES:                        light blue, narrow with slight slant

SKIN TONE:                       pale, burns easily

BODY TYPE:            very skinny\slender, small busted, delicately muscled

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        just begun to “bud,” delicate in

appearance but strong, four parallel scars down length of right leg, small ears

CLOTHING:                       pale blue halter top with V to waist and buttons at chest leaving an

opening on stomach and then tucked into light blue leather stirrup pants, white leather

armguards, white loincloth, white ankle boots with brown ties, wide leather headband

under hair. Has other outfits and winter clothes that are tucked away\remove pants, recuts

halter top, keeps loincloth, boots, and armguards

JEWELRY:            leather cord necklace of four longtooth fangs and five beads, two longtooth claws

on ends of loincloth ties, two blue dyed feathers on loincloth\add leather decorative disk

with feathers to left side of headband, two silver upper armbands with two dyed feathers

each, quillwork legband with two dyed blue feathers worn above left knee

WEAPONS:            arrowwhip with blue feathered bolts, obsidian knife, metal knife, talon whip

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            teeth, claws, and pelt of longtooth she killed\ plus inherited her

father’s metal knife and her mother’s metal boot tips and talon whip

ABILITIES:            slightly stronger than average sending, animal bonding, erratic and difficult to

control developing gliding (can levitate self a few inches off the ground for a few seconds

at a time). She will be well into her hundreds before her full talent blooms.

SKILLS:            learning most of her parents’ skills\

FAMILY:     Caylah (mother, deceased), Sardeg (father, deceased), Caydeg (younger brother),

Silvertooth (older half brother), Rysstah (maternal grandmother), Azmal (maternal

grandfather), Berdah (paternal grandmother, deceased), Aytar (paternal grandfather,

deceased), Nimblehand (nephew), Darkweb (nephew)

ORIGIN:      born while parents were wandering

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Littlestorm is like her mother: strong, gentle, happy,
has lots of friends (young and old) at Holt of Grand Illusions. Being in an inbetween awkward age, she is
at times mature and at other times childish. She has her father’s temper, though not as explosive, and
her outbursts are usually childish anger. She’ll outgrow this eventually. By then, her anger will show only
when REALLY provoked. She is also very social and friendly. She is always at home wherever her family stays.
 Littlestorm has led a mostly uneventful life. Was born while her parents traveled. At age 14 (6 months ago),
she was chased by a longtooth, she climbed into a nearby tree, but not before the cat clawed her leg.
Fortunately, not too deep, but enough to leave scars. She killed it with her arrowwhip as it circled below.
 She wears the cat’s pelt as a cloak in cold weather but usually uses it to sleep with. She is currently trying
 to make a talon whip out of three of the claws, the rest decorates her clothes. When 17-18, some of the
males in the Holt will take an interest in her, despite her overprotective father’s objections. Will most likely
 enjoy dreamberries, she already enjoys her mother’s dreamberry sauce. Her first time having too much
will probably be at one of the get-togethers. Will enjoy DANCING when she’s older. Recently Recognized
 Shades-of-Grey, though they will not lifemate.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     light blue and white\white snarling longtooth head


            HUMANS:            only what her parents have told her, hasn’t seen one up close

            TROLLS:            same as for humans, except she’s never seen one yet

            PRESERVERS:     mostly fun to have around, but can sometimes be a real pest

            OTHER ELVES:         enjoys having friends her age, likes her older brother and nephew

                                    (she doesn’t know about Nimblehand), she’s not sure yet about


BOND BEAST:            falcon (at age 15)

NAME:            Nightcloud

GENDER:     female

COLOR:        brown

                        Will train it to hunt