NAME:            Leafwhisper                          TRUE NAME:            Deynalix

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            none

KNOWN BY:                       n/a, though true name is known only to herself and parents

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                none

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              several hundreds

HEIGHT:     5’

HAIR:                       very light blonde, hip length, wavy, parted on left side with two locks over right

eye, usually wears some ivy, headbands, and flowers in hair

EYES:                        jade green, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       medium tan, gets a little darker in summer

BODY TYPE:            slender, rather small breasts

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        hair shimmers green when she’s

deep in the forest/jungle or using her magic, high cheek bones, grass and leaves often

hang in her hair

JEWELRY:  no metal, uses plants that live longer through the help of her magic (flowers in her

hair, ivy as hairbands or armlets)

WEAPONS: none, she prefers to defend herself with the help of her magic (thorns, poisonous plants, etc) -
 if it’s necessary, she fights with a bow

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                 none

ABILITIES:            strong sending, magic feeling, very strong plantshaping

SKILLS:       some tanning, very good herbal knowledge, climbing trees, swift and good

jumper, animal lore, very poor fighter with metal weapons, average archer

FAMILY:     both deceased, she doesn’t talk about them

ORIGIN:      born in the forest

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Leafwhisper lived most of her life alone in the
forest. She is very deeply bonded to all plants around her and she can sort of talk with them through
 her ability. Most of the time she sits somewhere on a tree or deep in the forest and listens to the trees,
 the bushes, the grass, flowers, etc, but sometimes she shares her time with the other elves of  Grand
Illusions. In fact, she decided to join the Holt many seasons ago because she felt lonely with none of her
kind around her. If she might ever find a lifemate or a long-term lovemate, she might become more
outgoing. Although she has no soul name, she keeps her real name very secretive. If she Recognizes,
she would share it with her mate. It is the name her parents gave her, but when she met the Holt, she
didn’t dare reveal her true name and she was called Leafwhisper from then on. She doesn’t like metal
or stone very much, or even the elves who shape it. She is also afraid of fire because it can destroy her
beloved trees and plants. Leafwhisper won’t trust firestarters. Humans are even worse because they cut
down trees and build their dens with the dead wood. Although she is a powerful plantshaper, she can’t
do anything for a felled tree, so she uses her magic to keep humans out of her forest. She has a great
respect for trees, especially the old ones, and if she were asked to shape a tree den for a Holtmate, she
would first ask the chosen tree. Indeed, there were some cases when she told the other elf that he should
choose another tree. The trees and animals of the forest are her friends.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     all shades of green and natural colors\leaves


            HUMANS:            damn these tree killing creatures!

            TROLLS:            at least they don’t disturb the trees…

            PRESERVERS:     they are nice

            OTHER ELVES:         likes to be with them from time to time


squirrels, deer, rabbits, etc