NAME:             Kokuloshe

RACE:             elf

GENDER:              male


SOUL NAME:              N/A


LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):             single

CUBS:             none

AGE:              415

HEIGHT:             5'9

HAIR:              black with sable brown undertones, shoulder length, ragged and tawny like a lion's mane

EYES:                        sapphire blue with hints of gold, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:              dark bronzed tan (desert elf)

BODY TYPE:             thin but muscular and well toned

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:           black goatee, chin fur and long

sideburns (muttonchops)

CLOTHING:  black cotton like shirt worn under a pine green and gold vest, green fabric wrapped

around right wrist, black fitted doeskin breeches, dark burgundy sash wrapped around 2 or 3

times for a full look with sash ends hanging on the side, dark chocolate brown knee high

doeskin boots with dark mahogany brown fur knee pads.

JEWELRY:  gold hoop earring in right ear, two gold upper arm cuffs

WEAPONS:  large hunting knife (loves hand to hand combat)

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:  do PhoenixFire and BlazingPhoenix count (is enamored by them)?

The tiger cub they gave him as a present.

ABILITIES:   sending and animal bonding

SKILLS:              herbalism, wine making, cooking and singing (though tries to hide this fact)

FAMILY:              Osier (mother -deceased), Moonhowler (father-deceased)

ORIGIN:              desert holt located to the west

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Kokuloshe was born to wolf blooded parents
in a desert elf holt. Typically, he considers himself one of them, but will give into his animalistic side
 and vanish for days at a time. He is very territorial at times – what’s his is his. Hopes to have a cub soon.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:              greenish gold/ anything in sets of 2s


            HUMANS:             dislikes most, knows a few who aren't too bad

            TROLLS:              never seen one, but heard they can be really nasty

            PRESERVERS:     enjoys their company to an extent

            OTHER ELVES:              very social. Likes cubs. Gets along with just about everybody

BOND BEAST:              tiger cub

NAME:             Sanddark

GENDER:              male

COLOR:              white with greyish red stripes