NAME:            Jadedbow

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male

wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:            Kiva

KNOWN BY:                       Himself, parents


CUB(S):       none  

AGE:              334 or so

HEIGHT:            4’5”

HAIR:                       chestnut brown hair with golden
highlights, shoulder length, wavy, not curly

EYES:                        light green, wide and level

SKIN TONE:                       sun-kissed light tan

BODY TYPE:            thin, but muscular, very strong arms

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        deep voice and sings bass (think Barry White)

CLOTHING:                       emerald green suede short sleeved V-neck vest that fits over the waist,
medium brown suede shorts with long brown suede boots, brown suede belt with silver buckle,
emerald green suede headband

JEWLERY:  small silver hoops in the high ear ridges, 1 silver ring from his father, silver buckle

WEAPONS: green colored longbow and some small throwing stars, leather shield

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            the ring that his father gave to him in the shape of a running wolf

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, magic feeling

SKILLS:       singing bass, hunting, scouting, fighting, eating, wooing

FAMILY:            Moongleam (mother), Arrowflint (father), alive at Pelicans’ Bay Holt

ORIGIN:      swamp holt Pelicans’ Bay

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:  Born in the swamp holt of Pelicans’ Bay where he lived the
first hundred or so turns of his life.  He then went on a “walkabout” where he found Amberfox’s wanderers. 
He is currently staying with Holt of Grand Illusions and periodically goes o visit his parents.

Jadedbow is sometimes sarcastic and cynical, but always a lot of fun to be around.  He has a very realistic
view of life, and will call someone on a lie in an instant.  He knows that the maidens like his voice, and
uses this to his advantage.  He is usually smiling, but is very serious on the inside.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:        emerald green\ring from his father  


HUMANS:            Doesn’t really like them, but hopes that they will change.

TROLLS:            Thinks they are silly, but uses their skills when necessary.

PRESERVERS:        Enjoys their company.   They call him Sly-Happy High Thing.

OTHER ELVES:            He generally likes all elves, but will avoid anyone who is too serious
or too frivolous.  

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Greymask

GENDER:     male

COLOR:            brown and red with a grey mask on his face.  Friendly, dominant wolf