NAME:            Ironfist Trollslayer

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male

wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:            not revealed

KNOWN BY:  himself, Grimlock (brother),
Heronmyth (Recognized lifemate)

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                Heronmyth (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S):            Ashdawn (son)

AGE:              332

HEIGHT:     3’11”

HAIR:  silver, ankle length, short sidelocks,
shaggy bangs, straight, ties it back when

EYES:                        med. blue, medium wide, slanted, almond shaped

SKIN TONE:                       fair

BODY TYPE:            very muscular due to being forced to work in troll mines

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        numerous whip scars on back and

shoulders (troll punishment), knife scars from fights with trolls

CLOTHING:                       med. blue leather open to waist vest with clearstones on front edges and

tucked into tight fitting med. blue leather pants, dark grey belt with clearstones all around

and silver buckle, dark grey elbow length gloves with clearstones around cuffs, dark grey

knee boots that are open laves in front with clearstones around tops

JEWELRY:            rectangular clearstones on clothing, silver belt buckle centered with six sided

faceted clearstones

WEAPONS:            curved bladed sword, heavy spear with metal point, two brightmetal knives (one

marble handled in right boot, other leather bound in left boot)

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            weapons, buckle, family

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, anti-healing, latent\dormant healing

SKILLS:            hunting, tracking, fighting, expert troll killer, usual daily life skills

FAMILY:            Lifebringer (mother, deceased), Rockslide (father, deceased), Grimlock (older

brother), Heronmyth (Recognized lifemate), Ashdawn (son), Laststone (niece)

ORIGIN:            isolated wolf blooded tribe in a mountain region, lived at Bright Mountain Holt

after escaping troll captivity

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Basically, Ironfist is good natured, though a little timid.
He’s very likable once someone gets to know him better. Somewhat unpredictable at times, growing up in the
troll mines with only his brother, he didn’t have a normal childhood. He’s learning to live with elves and he doesn’t get along with others very well yet. He wants to learn everything all at once and this makes him impatient a
nd short tempered, but he’s really trying to be patient. He still seems childlike in some things. Even though
he’s an adult, he still has some growing to do. He still has a lot to learn about life. He absolutely HATES trolls
and is very cruel and without mercy towards them. It is a scary thing to see him kill a troll. He will not harm an elf and is quite gentle with cubs. He enjoys playing with the cubs, as he never got to play as a troll slave. He was be
ginning to learn how to use his healing talent from Bright Mountain healers when he left with his brother. He
 used his talent only once on a major injury to save his brother’s life. The effort left him totally drained. He
hasn’t used his talent at all since. He would be fascinated by Sona, since he’s never seen a female healer before.
 He tends to be somewhat aggressive and act before thinking. If someone crosses him, he will get in their
face and let them know he doesn’t like what they did or said, but he doesn’t get violent. He likes his meat
raw, never cooked. Not picky about his appearance, but he likes to keep clean. When Ironfist was a youth,
he and his brother Grimlock and their parents were attacked by trolls while out hunting. Their mother was
killed and they and their father were capture as slaves. They remained captives for hundreds of turns.
When their father died at the hands of trolls, they and another elf decided to make an escape at the right
opportunity. Meanwhile, they filched weapons, metal items, supplies and hid them; and when the time was
right, they made their escape carrying all they had filched in bags. They kept what they wanted and traded
 the rest during their travels. They eventually arrived at Bright Mountain Holt and lived there for a while.
The two brothers are inseparable and very close to one another. They are blood and soul brothers, since
all they had was each other during their captivity since the trolls kept them from their father. During the
troll war at Bright Mountain, Grimlock was mortally wounded. Ironfist, using his talent to heal for the first
time, saved Grimlock’s life. They are now closer than ever. After the war, the brothers decided to set out
and explore. Nimblehand decided to go too. They eventually ended up in HGI. They know Snowcrystal and
 Suneagle from when they lived at Bright Mountain.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     blue and grey\blood red sending star with 4 lightning bolts

radiating outward


            HUMANS:            could care less about them

            TROLLS:            absolute hatred. They killed his parents and tortured captive elves. They

deserve a painfully long death. The world should be wiped clean of them.

            PRESERVERS:     pesky bugs – go pester someone else

            OTHER ELVES:         likes, learning to live with. As he gets to know everyone and

is more comfortable around them, he will be more talkative and friendly

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Deathstalker

GENDER:     female

COLOR:            charcoal grey with dark brown eyes