NAME:            Herbgather

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female

pure blooded  

SOUL NAME:            not revealed

KNOWN BY:                       herself

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                none

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              287

HEIGHT:     3’8”

HAIR:                       gingerspice blonde with a hint of 
cinnamon brown, waist length, almost curly,

wispy bangs, worn in mid-back length ponytail, headband

EYES:                        light leaf green, level, large, oval

SKIN TONE:                      medium tan

BODY TYPE:            slim, medium bust and hips, nice figure

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTNADING FEATURES:                        none, has healer remove as soon as

she gets any

CLOTHING:                       slate grey and muted blue-grey hip length vest and midriff combo, two

tone pants just below knees, black hairband and headband, usually barefoot but may wear

sandals or boots according to terrain

JEWELRY:  brown and tan feather earrings, feathers attached to pants

WEAPONS: knife used for cutting and harvesting herbs

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                 none

ABILITIES:            sending, limited plantshaping (can sense a plant’s needs, but can’t shape them;

should be called a “super greenthumb”)

SKILLS:            herbalism, cooking, tanning small hides and furs, making snares for her sister’s

use, tracking, herb and plant gathering (the two often work together, she’s more the

gatherer of the two)

FAMILY:            Springshower (mother), Roguestar (father), Spiceclove (older sister)

ORIGIN:            Forestdwellers Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              She doesn’t look the type, but can be very devious,
sly, and crafty but not in a cruel or malicious way. Always seemingly cheerful, often mistaken for an airhead
 but has a mind like a steel trap! You can’t fool her! She doesn’t seem to mind that her sister attracts more
than her fair share of the males, since it gives her more time to do what she likes to do. Besides, her sister
doesn’t get ALL the guys! She gets one from time to time. She and Spiceclove left Forestdwellers out of
boredom. It just wasn’t the same after Amberfox and Desertmoon left. Besides, they both think the chief
was an idiot. She and Spiceclove are happy to have found them, as well as other former Forestdwellers.
Called “’Gather” by her sister, friends, and family. Seldom indulges in dreamberries; doesn’t always
participate in DANCING (though won’t turn down the occasional invitation). Does sit and watch or join
in the singing and music, though she’s not the greatest of singers.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     greys and blues\none


            HUMANS:            thinks they ought to learn to share the forest, that way they don’t have to

die and elves wouldn’t have to die. After all, they hunt in the day, elves

hunt at night!

            TROLLS:            they should stay in their tunnels and holes and mind their own nasty


            PRESERVERS:     they don’t seem to pester her much. Likes watching their aerial


            OTHER ELVES:         enjoys quiet conversations with most. Doesn’t mind mixed bloods