NAME:            Heartmender

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male

   wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:            Lys’aer

KNOWN BY:                       himself

LIFE\LOVEMATE: farthest from his mind

CUB(S):       too young

AGE:              12

HEIGHT:     3’3

HAIR:   dark brown, cascades past his shoulders 
to mid-back, a couple of bangs always end
up in front of his face when he’s not wearing his scout’s cap.  
It will grow remarkably long when he gets older.

EYES: dark blue puppy eyes, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       faint tan

BODY TYPE:            slim

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:            like a little prince, a bright smile, arched


CLOTHING:                       Depending on the weather; various hooded pullover in a very light material

and loose pants, and a triangular loincloth..

JEWELRY:  silver neckband, silver wristcuffs

WEAPONS: staff, longbow

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            his scout’s hat, his bow

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, learning empathy (limited) - he ‘picks up’ on emotions.

SKILLS:       human language, peace making

FAMILY:            WindDreamer (mother), Teranin (father), Tiera (aunt), AutumnNight

(uncle), Fox (cousin), Rowan (cousin),  Coyote (uncle - AutumnNight's brother),

            Crystalstar (aunt - Coyote's  lifemate), Starfire (cousin),  Firewraith (cousin)

ORIGIN:      Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:  A true, gentle sweetheart, this cub needs looking after. 
Encouraged to be brave from birth and living a rather peaceful life, he has developed little sense of fear
 but a great sense of patience.  He is mostly quiet, practically listens his way to the other elves hearts. 
His biggest gift is his growing empathy and compassion, he is very intuitive, he “feels” more than he hears.
Extremely mature for his age, he prefers the company of the elders because he can’t seem to
understand the other cubs.       

COLORS\SYMBOLS:        none


            HUMANS:            Can’t understand their hatred. It scares him. 

            TROLLS:            Has never seen one, but heard they can be really nasty.

            PRESERVERS:        Can stand their company before they begin to sing.

            OTHER ELVES:            Picks up emotions from them more often than not.