NAME:            Hazel

RACE:            elf

GENDER:            female


SOUL NAME:            still unknown to her.

KNOWN BY:                 no one, not even herself.


CUB(S):             Eep! No!

AGE:             thought to be around 16 or 17 turns, judging physical appearance

HEIGHT:             4'8"

HAIR:             bright sunny-gold, often with near-white highlights and strips of various blonde shades, cascades to the small of her back, parted down the middle and all one length, thin, straight, and fine in texture

EYES:             ice blue with flecks of amber and pale green (at varying distances, can appear

amber, green, or blue and shades in between). Set far apart, narrow, and slanted, thin blond


SKIN TONE:             alabaster, but tans easily. If she's out in the sun frequently, it'll bake into a

dark copper

BODY TYPE:             undernourished but broad-shouldered, not nearly as curvy as

most females, and will never have any curves, even after she's fully matured

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:           always has numerous bruises, as she

gets into the typical tumbles and scrapes that any learning hunter encounters. Hazel tends to

be very strong, dexterous, agile, and has obtained great speeds of stamina. She's stealthy,

Hazel has incredibly long legs, and moves gracefully, august, with a smooth, disarming


CLOTHING:            tobacco-suede plain bodice laced up the middle, fawn-dyed skirt worn thin, and

fawn sandals laced around her calf and tie-off at her kneecaps. Fawn armbracers wrapped

around her forearms.

JEWELRY:            none

WEAPONS:            throwing-dagger in her left armbrace, and a half-sword sheathed at her hip. Hazel

loves knives and daggers, and has always had a love for collecting them.

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:     none that she can remember.

ABILITIES:             sending, magic feeling

SKILLS:            archery, herbalism, stealth, survival, melee, scouting, camouflage, tracking,

linguistics (human languages), alertness, dream interpretation

FAMILY:            the Holt

ORIGIN:            unknown

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:  To begin, Hazel is of some of the oldest blood in the travels of Grand Illusions. It is unsure who her ancestors may be, if any exist at all. The young Hazel was plagued with amnesia after being cocooned in wrapstuff by a preserver. Her entire history is a blur, but many guess that in her day she was presumed lost or dead.

    Found a few years ago in a hunting expedition, Hazel was adopted by Grand Illusions, and has been taken in by the Holt. She is mothered and fathered by her friends and mentors. Sister to the pack, Hazel has flourished into a fine huntress.

    Descended from coyote-blood, Hazel tends to be a spry, healthy, high-strung filly. She is often messy, and given to doing half-assed jobs with her homely tasks. Hazel is not poised in the least, but every bit as na´ve as the next outspoken youngster. She has a penchant for pranking, and is never against bending the rules to her advantage. On occasion, Hazel is given to spouting small white lies to weasel her way out of trouble. And just as she is youthful, she is often oblivious to the carousing nature of young, experimental adults. Yet, Hazel is quite whimsical with her laudable gaze, and swift smile. The youngster can be quite playful and frivolous, as her demeanor dictates.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:            yellow ochre (tobacco, fawn) and burnt sienna\common symbol to be

associated with her is the Coyote.


HUMANS:            interesting, really. Their culture, traditions, and ways of life -- if studied from

a distance, are potentially good specimens to learn from. An unbridled

curiosity for Hazel.

TROLLS:     she has little to no dealings with them in particular.

PRESERVERS:            Hazel flees from these creatures in pure terror. After being

incarcerated in wrapstuff for a portion of her life, she often avoids

preservers, and does not mention them much, either.

OTHER ELVES:            There're good ones and bad ones in every congregation.