NAME:            Grimlock

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male


SPECIFY WHICH):    wolf blooded

SOUL NAME:            not revealed

KNOWN BY:himself, Ironfist (brother)

LIFE\LOVEMATE(SPECIFY WHICH): Icefury (Recognized lifemate, deceased)

CUB(S):            Laststone (daughter)

AGE:              431

HEIGHT:     4

HAIR:    black, knee length with short

bangs and chin length sidelocks, straight, center

part, occasionally ties it back

EYES:                        steel grey, narrow, slanted, medium sized

SKIN TONE:                       fair

BODY TYPE:            very muscular due to working in troll mines

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        numerous old whip scars on back

and shoulders from troll punishments

CLOTHING:            white cloth wrap style shirt with length puff sleeves and black leather binding

on all edges, black sleeveless lightweight leather jumpsuit with white laving down front

to waist (usually untied) and is tucked into white leather knee high boots. Tab on right

side of jumpsuit at waist to hang rock slinger on and a large tan leather shoulder pouch or

sling stones. Occasionally adds black leather ankle length cape with white cloth lining

and black leather elbow length gloves

JEWELRY:  troll made wrist manacles with broken chain links still attached and has sending

star designs he engraved in himself, cloak clasp made from remaining chain length

WEAPONS: double edged knife with sawtooth one side and wavy on other, hand carved wooden rock sling

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            jewelry, weapons, tools for carving and weapon making, his

brother            (though not a possession)

ABILITIES:            sending, animal binding, rockshaping

SKILLS:            weapon making, woodcarving, hunting, fighting\warrior, usual daily life skills

FAMILY:            Lifebringer (mother, deceased), Rockslide (father, deceased), Ironfist (younger

brother), Icefury (Recognized lifemate, deceased), Laststone (daughter)

ORIGIN:            isolated wolf blooded tribe in mountain region, lived at Bright Mountain Holt for a while after

 escaping troll captivity

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Serious, but good natured, even tempered. Somewhat

 easygoing but always alert to his surroundings. Quick to react in an emergency, but never acts rashly or

recklessly; always thinks before he acts. Never flies off the handle in a fit of rage, but youll definitely

know when hes angry. Always watching out for his younger brother and worries when he does off troll

hunting. Since his brother saved his life from a near fatal wound during the troll war at Bright Mountain,

 the two brothers are closer than ever. Grimlock would be totally devastated if his brother were to die or

be killed. He eats his meat cooked or raw, hes not picky. He is meticulous about his grooming, always neat

 and clean. He had no problem readjusting to living among elves again, and is helping his brother learn

the things he never had a chance to in the troll mines. Trolls attacked Grimlock and Ironfist with their

parents while out hunting. Ironfist was a youth of 11 or 12 at the time. Their mother was killed and they

  along with their father were taken captive as slaves. They remained captives for hundreds of turns,

and when their father died at the hands of the trolls, they and another elf decided to make an escape

when the opportunity presented itself, meanwhile, they filched weapons, metal items, supplies, and

hid them away. When the hoped for opportunity came, they made their escape carrying all they filched

in bags. They kept what they wanted and traded the rest during their travels. They eventually arrived at

 Bright Mountain Holt and lived there for a while. The two brothers are inseparable and very close to one

 another. They are both blood and soul brothers, since all they had were each other during their captivity.

The trolls would not allow them to be with their father. During the troll wars at Bright Mountain, Grimlock

was mortally wounded. His brother Ironfist used his healing talent for the first time and saved his life.

Now they are closer than ever. After the war, the two brothers and their friend Nimblehand decided to

set out and explore, eventually ending up at HIG. They know Snowcrystal and Suneagle from when they

 lived at Bright Mountain.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     black and white\white sending star encircled by black broken chain


            HUMANS:            neutral, leaves them alone if they leave him alone

TROLLS:            hates them for what they did to his family. Wont go out of his way to kill

them, but wont hesitate to if the need arises.

            PRESERVERS:     amusing but annoying

            OTHER ELVES:         glad to be back among his own people. Patient and tolerant with