NAME:           Garthon Redmane                      


RACE:             elf




GENDER:      male


SOUL NAME:    Dhugal


KNOWN BY:    himself and Tialar (Recognized mate)


LIFE\LOVE MATE:    Sona (lovemate)


CUBS:    Sandtiger (son, deceased), Sierra/Timeflight (daughter)


AGE:               adult


HEIGHT:      5’7”


HAIR:  deep red-brown, thick, thigh length, usually worn loose with sidelocks in two braids each 


EYES:  orange-gold, like a lion’s, wide, slanted.  Can take on quite a feral expression.


SKIN TONE:    pale gold


BODY TYPE:    muscular.  He’s pretty “built” for an elf.


MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:  You mean, besides the eyes? And the height? 

And the hair?  Deep red-brown beard with three braids


CLOTHING:            a kilt.  Really. 


JEWELRY:     large longtooth's canine tooth on leather necklace


WEAPONS:    double-bladed ax for fighting.  Hunts with knife or spear.


SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:  Nothing; he doesn’t carry much when traveling.  Fond of his favorite

ax, though.


ABILITIES:    sending, animal bonding


SKILLS:         fighting, gambling, hunting, storytelling. Has great physical strength and a truly

              amazing capacity for consumption of fermented beverages.

FAMILY:  Tialar (Recognized mate), Sandtiger (son), Sierra (daughter), any remaining are at

holt of origin.


ORIGIN:       small mountain holt


PERSONAL HISTORY & INFORMATION:  Resident of a small but lively holt, Garthon is 

afflicted with a lifelong case of wanderlust.  Once in his younger days, he got separated from his

 companions while traveling through the desert.  He was lucky enough to find an elfin village, where 

he Recognized the headman’s daughter.  Their personality differences finally led them to separate

 following the birth of their second child.  Garthon never knew his daughter until her adulthood, and 

is now hoping to make up for the lost time. 





  HUMANS:  Not worth getting your ax blade wet with.

  TROLLS:     Big mean bastards, best avoided if you’re alone.

  PRESERVERS:    Annoyin’ little pests.

  OTHER ELVES:    Good to laugh, drink, gamble, and fight with.  He’s a sociable elf.

  DANCING:              A willing participant on major occasions.


BOND ANIMAL:     cougar

NAME:           Lazy Beast (at least, that’s what it gets called most often)

GENDER:      male

COLOR:               usual