NAME:            Firewind

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male


SOUL NAME:            Tanez

KNOWN BY:                       himself


CUB(S):       none

AGE:              50

HEIGHT:     4’7”

HAIR:  dark red blonde (like Redlance),
mid back length with two waist length braids
behind left ear, parted on right with bangs falling
over left eye, silky

EYES:            golden topaz-amber, narrow, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       medium tan

BODY TYPE:            lean, wiry, long in the waist with good set of abs

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        eyes surrounded by thick sable red-

brown lashes

CLOTHING:                       tiger skin pants jagged around the waist with leather strapping and

feathers, folded knee high black leather boots, black gloves. Adds black long sleeved

jacket with fringe down sleeves in cooler weather

JEWELRY:  pearl, suglite, and sapphire bead necklace with silver crescent moon holding a

talon; copper and silver hairclasps; silver hoop earring in right ear

WEAPONS: 1 handed sword, bow with black fletched arrows, war boomerang, spears

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            all that he has

ABILITIES:            strong sending and firestarting, animal bonding, magic feeling, gliding

SKILLS:            hunting; scouting; tracking; swimming; plant and herbal lore; elf, troll, and human

lore; dancing; joining; mischief making; partying

FAMILY:            Flamesnap (brother)

ORIGIN:            Forestdwellers Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Firewind left the holt rather bored and discontented

 with the way life was going. He sought more adventure (since he was 13) and has spent 29 of his turns

 wandering around until he caught up with Holt of Grand Illusions and was thrilled to find Forestdwellers

 there! Since then, he has been quite content moving from place to place. Firewind is very much a

trickster and loves to pull pranks. He can’t help it or resist the temptation if he sees someone who

 would make fair game and fall prey to his jokes. Firewind doesn’t mean to hurt anyones’ feelings,

it’s just an outlet for him – a tension reliever. He’s every bit a ladies’ man, from being a scoundrel

and a rogue, but makes sure the maidens he’s with or pursuing (he can’t go after just one – not his

 style) receive the best he can give them. Firewind has a terrible temper and is very loyal to his Holt.

 Sharp witted and keen, has a biting remark when he needs to verbally put someone in his or her

“place.” Since Firewind has come to Grand Illusions, he has found that Harvestgold will make a perfect

 victim (considering Firewind hates the mega-wimp!).



            HUMANS:            some are good, some are bad, but they all SMELL!

            TROLLS:            “They got something I want, I take it, and BURN any of them who so

much as looks at me wrong!

            PRESERVERS:     “Bugs…”

            OTHER ELVES:         “Don’t bug me” and “Hello, maidens” (evil grin). Harvestgold,

(cough, cough). “I’m going to barbecue the preserver spawned human


BOND BEAST:            a REALLY BIG wolf

NAME:            Nightblaze

GENDER:     female

COLOR:            jet black with red-brown mask and streak down spine