NAME:            Everchange

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            Vae

KNOWN BY:    herself, Owlflight (Recognized mate)

LIFE\LOVEMATE:   Owlflight
(Recognized mate), many lovemates

CUB(S):  Dusk (son), Littlecat (adopted son)

AGE:  adult, over 100 (even she’s not certain of
the exact number of turns)

HEIGHT:     4’6”

HAIR:  golden blonde, ankle length, wavy,
left part with one lock falling between eyes

EYES:  blue-green, wide, slanted


SKIN TONE:                       light golden tan

BODY TYPE:            slim, muscled like a dancer

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:  rose tattoo on left calf, eyes vary in

shade, intensity, and mix (or pure) of blue and green

CLOTHING:                       almost an expansion of her jewelry! Tan off the shoulder halter top with

sides, back, and sleeves mostly of fringe and chains to waist; tan loincloth covered by

fringe to mid-thigh with removable gold ring handing from left side with beads and

feathers; usually tan ballet style slippers

JEWELRY:  gold cuff earrings with feather, gold chain slave bracelet with ring on middle

finger, decorated tan leather strips on left thigh with feathers to hold short knife, large

tail of brown and white feathers connected to lock of hair in back, wears jeweled gold

anklets and footband connected to leather strips instead of slippers on special occasions.

WEAPONS: favors knives and spears for hunting, quarterstaff for self-defense

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            jewelry

ABILITIES:                        sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:       very agile, quick, and graceful in movement; hunting; trading; dancing; and DANCING

FAMILY:   doesn’t talk about. Owlflight (Recognized mate), Dusk (son), Littlecat (adopted son)

ORIGIN:      Dark Haven Holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Everchange doesn’t dwell on the past,

but lives in the “Now” almost as well as a wolf. Her name reflects both her eyes and her personality.

It is difficult for her to stay in just one relationship. It isn’t fickleness exactly, she is capable of (and

enjoys) having concurrent relationships with males who are very unlike each other. She has trouble

understanding that not everyone is like this.



            HUMANS:            avoids when possible, fights when necessary

            TROLLS:            trades with the more “tame” variety, strenuously avoids militant trolls

            PRESERVERS:     doesn’t particularly dislikes but doesn’t seek out either

            OTHER ELVES:         enjoys their company

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Trapper

Gender:         Male

COLOR:            grey with black on chest, legs, and tail