NAME:          Duskfall  Nicknamed Wren or Little Wren by Shadowhawk and the name has stuck

RACE:           elf                                               

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:          Zialan                              KNOWN BY:  herself, parents

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):  Shadowhawk (lovemate)

CUB(S):        none

AGE: 85                                                             

HEIGHT:     4'

HAIR:           raven black, calf length, fairly straight, center part, waist length sidelocks

 held w\brightly colored

           beads (usually green, violet, or gold in color), few wispy bangs, thin headband.

 Bound or braided when hunting

EYES:            emerald green, very large, fairly level

SKIN TONE:           light tan from being outdoors

BODY TYPE:  extremely curvaceous, hourglass figure

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:            long eyelashes, heartshaped face,

 lips just made for kissing, limber, lean with only average strength

CLOTHING:            soft leaf green V cut top with very little in back and neckline decorated 

in gold and black, either gold or brown\tan soft short leather skirt hanging low on her hips

w\right front slit, black belt decorated w\violet circles, dark purple calf high soft boots decorated

w\elongated black triangles and tapers to a point in the front. This is her general outfit, has others

and changes colors around.

Favored colors - greens (all shades) w\some gold, purple, brown, or black.

JEWELRY:            fine silver chain headband w\three greenish tinted round, polished opals;

beads in sidelocks which can be bone\wood\stone\or jewels, depending on what she has

access to and\or has found.  Will occasionally wear other jewelry if given as gifts

WEAPONS:            bow, spear, dagger (for skinning and eating). Mostly distance weapons,

not much of a fighter close-up.

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            jeweled headband - it was her mother's, and about the only

remembrance she has of her, wooden flute

ABILITIES:           sending, animal bonding, magic feeling, plantshaping

SKILLS:      hunting, gathering, herbal knowledge and healing, survival skills, cooking, meat

preservation, rough tanning\hide scraping, woodslore, playing flute\reed pipes

FAMILY:    Whitesong (mother, deceased), Darkpath (father, deceased)

ORIGIN:     not specified


PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:     Shy, quiet, withdrawn, serious, practical, and determined.

Parties fascinate her, and will watch from the edges. Also enjoys listening to music and hearing

 histories\ballads. Her mother was musically inclined, and taught her to play the flute and reed pipes

(and how to make them). But she does not know many songs except those she's made up. Prefers

smaller gatherings in social situations. Slow to make friends, though she desperately wants them.

 Does not have a temper, and a bit skittish around those that do get angry frequently. Nervous and

unsure of how to interact with others. Tends to run when confronted with a situation she can't deal

with. Has spent a number of turns alone and at times has trouble fitting in with holt life.  Industrious

 and resourceful. Has had to take care of herself since she was 14, so quite capable to contributing

to the holt as a whole. Enjoys seeing the variety of things that can be made and is always curious to

learn more.  Extremely uncomfortable in intimate situations. Has not had a lovemate, and too shy at

the moment to even consider it. Totally unaware of her beauty. After several failures to be close to

someone, she becomes attracted to new arrival Shadowhawk. Future developments in progress!

Her parents left their holt of origin when she was very young (she didn't have a choice in the matter)

due to a combination of wanderlust and disagreements with the holt leaders. They brought her along

 since they had no intention of returning, but rather to find a new place.  Duskfall was a lonely child,

only having her parents and their wolves for company. Survival and travel took up most of her time,

leaving little play for a cub. She desperately wanted friends to play with. While her parents loved

her, they grew distant with each other, so she did not have a good model for a loving relationship.

 When she was 14, her parents were killed in a mudslide during a particularly wet year.

Despondent, Duskfall was left alone with only a wolf for company. She would have returned to her

 original holt but had no idea where it was. She wandered for some time, avoiding conflicts with

 humans and\or trolls and staying to herself, trying to find anyplace to belong and elves to

communicate with.  Found and bonded with her own wolf, a young loner before her mother's

 bond friend died. Recently (before finding Grand Illusions), found and rescued an abandoned

 ferret baby, that she hand raised. She called her Runt because of how tiny she was when first

 found. She has no idea what happened to the rest of the litter and parents; they could have

 abandoned Runt or been killed when moving the den.  Happy to have found Grand Illusions,

 and to be around other elves, though she's a bit nervous about how to interact. Tends to

stay to herself most of the time.  Because of her actions\shyness, has quickly earned the

new name Wren from Shadowhawk, a name she picked up by her new holtmates (he also

calls her Little Wren, but no one else does). 



           HUMANS:     Extremely cautious around; not to be trusted. Has seen them perform violent acts

againstothers. Avoided them in her travels

           TROLLS:       has never seen any. Would be cautious, expecting them to act like humans she's seen

           PRESERVERS:  annoying, loud disturbances

           OTHER ELVES:    anxious to find new elves and tribe. Would be very shy at first. Would

not like those who are violent or abrasive in personality


BOND BEAST:        wolf                     ANIMAL FRIEND:  ferret

NAME:          Starshine                                   NAME:  Runt

GENDER:     female                             GENDER:     female

COLOR:        white\silver w\few darker grey hairs  COLOR:        golden honey w\darker paws and tail tip

                        on coat. Aggressive, quite protective of Duskfall.             Curious, industrious, a scavenger.